Posted on 28th of November, 2019

5 ways SALTO KS helps you monetize your Coliving space

Access control is more commonly being used across different types of businesses today. By using access control, an admin has full control over who enters their spaces and what certain time of day they want to grant that access. Physical keys are becoming a thing of the past and access control systems are more commonly being installed for higher security and safety. In the coliving industry, it is clear to see that many businesses are modernizing by implementing access control systems in their spaces for greater control. Throughout this blog, we’ll take you through some of the reasons that our access control system, SALTO KS, will monetize your coliving business.


SALTO KS provides you with the ability to customize what kind of access rights you want a specific user to have. As an admin, you can control this by providing open or limited access to a user. For example, say you want to provide a tenant of your coliving space access rights to your common room facility, but that you don’t want them being there overnight to avoid disturbances. With SALTO KS, you can customize that user’s access by blocking their entry from a specific time period. Not only can you customize what time period someone has access, but also which certain facilities they are permitted to enter besides their own rooms/apartments.


Providing your users with higher security is a huge boost to your business. The technology used in SALTO KS offers you the advantage of having greater security measures that prevent break-ins and keep your users safe. By controlling who has access to your space, you have the ability to minimize security threats and maintain the safety of your space.


Ever had to run to a store to make copies of your keys? Yeah, we’ve all been there before. The risk around that is having too many copies, losing one of them, or having your keys stolen. If that happens, it increases your vulnerability to a break-in. SALTO KS offers you an immediate solution for such or similar cases. With SALTO KS, you are able to instantly block a tag if someone has lost it. By simply removing a tag from a user’s page, you are fully protected against the risk of someone entering your space with a stolen/lost tag.


Generally, having multiple coliving locations makes it more difficult to provide access and have control over all locations. SALTO KS offers a high-end solution to this issue. By simply adding certain users to different access groups, your users will easily have access to multiple locations. For example, say you need your receptionist to work at a different location for the day. Without providing them with a new key, just simply assign their tag to have access rights for the new location and they’re good to go.


One of the highlights of access control is the ability to integrate it with other systems and software. SALTO KS also offers you the opportunity to do this. By getting access to the SALTO KS API, you have the opportunity to advance your spaces by doing more with our smart locks. In the coliving industry, SALTO KS has already partnered with several coliving spaces to offer a customized cloud-based locking system. Some of these partners include Cohabs and Obeyo.

SALTO KS provides a flexible access control management system that requires no software installation or the added expense of a fully-wired electronic product. Modern cloud-based, wireless access control system is easy and simple to use for businesses including Coworking Spaces, Coliving Buildings, Purpose Built Student Accommodation, Retail, Multi-Tenant Housing, Gyms and many more. Our best in class wireless access control solution and smart locks guarantee the efficiency for your business. Integrate smart locks, start easily managing wireless access control now!

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