Posted on 25th of August, 2018

A day in the life of a Brick: Mobile app developer Arthur

Clay’s mobile app developer Arthur is responsible for overall architecture and realization of all Clay mobile applications on iOS and Android

Arthur is a young dad that raises two lovely girls with his equally lovely girlfriend in Bilthoven, Utrecht. Besides running a busy household and a high demanding fulltime job at Clay, Arthur also teaches body combat in his spare time and manages to always see the positive side of things!

Since ‘How does he do it?’ is a frequently asked question at the Clay office, we wanted to give you a peek in the life of this particular Brick.

Take a look!

05:50 The alarm clock goes off far too early, but that way I’ll be able to come home in time to enjoy my girls!

06:31 Take the train to Amsterdam, and watch an episode of my favourite show Stranger Things on Netflix during the trip.

07:30 Arrive at the office, load the dishwasher and make my much-needed coffee.

07:45 At Clay we like hot-desking, so I pick a desk for the day and set up my gear. I check my email and boot up Slack; a very handy tool we use for internal communication on projects and fun stuff, to see if I have any important messages.

08:00 Check the app statistics to see if there were any crashes in need of some love and support.

08:30 The Atlassian board displays issues from one or more projects, allowing a flexible way of viewing, managing and reporting work in progress and pick up the next story. I boot up xCode or Android Studio depending on the story and get to work.

10:00 Finish up the story and create a pull request for one of my fellow developer Bricks to review.

12:00 When our (beer) bell rings I know its time for our daily standup. All the Bricks gather to tell each other what they are working on. The stand up is a good way to have a daily reminder we all work together to reach a higher goal.

12:30 Lunch is served! It’s nice to see the grilled cheese is still the winning lunch at Clay!

13:00 Play a game of pool with one of my colleagues!

13:15 Do some refactoring on the pull request to get it approved, then build a beta-version for Q&A.

14:00 Discuss changes in UI with our UI/UX designer Ad

14:30 Do some grooming for the next sprint

15:30 Review some pull requests for my colleagues

16:00 Q&A Engineer Latha found no issues: This is what we like to call ‘Latha approved’ at Clay, this means the code can be merged to the develop branch. Latha even got a ‘Latha approves’ stamp (her giving thumbs up!) at the annual Christmas dinner!

16:40 When I finished my tasks for the day and I’m ready to go, I gather my stuff and walk to the train. There’s a beautiful sunset and the Amsterdam canals look magical!

17:05 Take the train back home after a very productive and satisfying day!

Thank you Arthur for showing us a glimpse of your life!

Do you like this type of a working day? Then you are in for a treat, because we’re in search of a second Mobile app developer! Take a look at our career page and #becomeabrick!

We are looking forward to see more niche coworking spaces that contribute to more diversity!


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