Posted on 5th of September, 2018

A day in the life of a Brick: Tech Support Wizard Hugo

Hugo manages to go through his day eliminating tickets like a boss.

07:00 Alarm time, get up and grab my backpack and pancakes for lunch. Check if Schumi, the garden cat is awake and doing well (It’s our neighbors cat that sleeps in our yard 24/7 because he is a lazy cat).

07:27 Hop on the train from Houten to Utrecht and then run to make the connection to Amsterdam. I usually listen to music and read, but not every day.

08:30 Arrive at the Clay office, after glaring at tourists/assassin bikers on my way from the central station to here. I occupy the same desk every day even though we work with flex desks; the Swedish keyboard scares others away. I make some porridge out of “Havermout” and water, apparently not a popular breakfast according to most people in the office.

08:45 Go through tickets arriving during the night usually from people over in the US/Asia/Oceania. Check if anything really urgent has popped up, usually not. If not I spend the next few hours replying to everything and clearing out my mailbox.

10:00 Someone from SALTO tech support pokes me on hangouts about an issue at a customer, it is a bit time sensitive so we work together to find the issue and solve it as soon as we can.

11:30 At this moment no tickets need a reply. I usually kill some time watching highly relevant videos, like why London has a bad infrastructure, or practice my Dutch on Duolingo.

12:30 Lunchtime! Today pancakes from Albert Heijn because I am lazy. At Clay you can also get some nice lunch, but the Dutch lunch is basically breakfast food and that’s the end of that (unlike pancakes or poffertjes).

14:00 Ensuring any new tickets/Slack messages are replied to as they come in, I often spend the afternoon dealing with tickets that take a bit more time. Today I had a meeting with a new integration partner for SALTO KS. After pointing them in the right direction I worked with our embedded developer Geert to try and solve an issue with our M2M devices having trouble connecting to the mobile network in a location. We made some progress with how to solve it but didn’t get there just yet. (By the time you read this, it will be long solved though!)

16:30 After dealing with customers and other people all day it is time to head home! I hop on the train to Utrecht and check so nothing urgent arrives during the last half hour, luckily no one emails!

18:00 Arriving at home in Houten, today is not a workout day so I spend some time with my friends back in Sweden playing some online games. (If you want to listen to how stupid we are, check it out here).

20:30 The weather is nice today, so I grab my camera and try and find a good picture in Houten or Utrecht, dreaming about a trip to Iceland.

23:30 Sleeping time!

Thank you Hugo for showing us what your day looks like!

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