Posted on 10th of January, 2020

A Freelancer’s Guide to a Smart Workspace

Freelancers are known to have more independence and flexibility, yet very often, there can also be a lack of control over one’s work environment. If you’re a freelancer, there are ways in which you can improve your experience, by opting for a coworking space with effective and seamless integrations. This enables you to make optimal use of your working environment.

A coworking platform that integrates with the right technology can transform into a self-service community, thereby providing you with a dependable workspace. This can save time, energy and money: Positively influencing relationships between coworkers and increasing productivity. Such spaces can benefit by using tools ranging from finance and CRM software to smart thermostats and electronic signatures, enhancing your overall experience.

These integrations are possible through cloud-based access control which can allow endless possibilities for coworking spaces to improve and optimize the customer journey; thereby transforming your work experience and the environment as a freelancer.

With cloud-based access control, data can be extracted in real-time to display occupancy rates, leverage community engagement and centralize management. For a coworking space, SALTO Keys as a Service is such a solution. By integrating SALTO KS with existing management tools, coworking spaces can scale to provide more efficient operations and user-friendly space experience.

This also encompasses customizable actions, which can dramatically amplify the coworking experience through the use of coworking tools. For instance, customized welcome messages can be sent to first-timers, extended bookings can be automatically invoiced, and access can be granted to guests depending on the usage of rooms.

The following list contains 5 benefits of smart workspaces, which every freelancer should keep in mind when selecting a coworking space:


With this integration, you may book meeting rooms online well in advance using booking calendars or apps which allows for both flexibility and independent work. Additionally, you are no longer required to an email asking if rooms are available nor need to worry about forgetting to notify the receptionist if your meeting ran late. If the booked meeting room is occupied longer then reserved for, you are automatically charged accordingly.


For a freelancer, time is money. The right technology can ensure that you never have to wait for mundane tasks such as printing or scanning. You only need to present your Mobile Key or scan the app after which your documents will be waiting for you in the printer.


Coffee is essential for a coworking space and can be the factor which distinguishes the quality of one workspace from another. In a smart coworking space, you can, for instance, be given access through your Mobile Key or app which is presented to the machine-reader. The machine will then charge you automatically and the coffee-credits can be viewed in your app or platform.


It is vital to know that your workspace of choice has a solid security system and software in place, no matter the amount of time you spend on the premises. Furthermore, camera integrations can be a valuable asset. This is especially crucial considering traffic rates with members and the increasing risks for modern workplace theft. Surveillance accompanying access control can allow real-time footage to be retrieved, elevating security systems entirely and giving you a more comfortable and reliable experience.


With these facilities in place, a coworking management system can be integrated to know if and how long a meeting room has been used, and therefore might not need cleaning. This can guarantee your workspace is hygienic and organized. Ultimately, cleaning contracts get optimized and costs are reduced, and the coworking space of your choice is sustainable and smart.

There you have it! Look out for these 5 factors when searching for your next coworking space, and you can guarantee a smart workspace.

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