Posted on 17th of June, 2020

Add smart access technology to locker rooms

Besides privacy, security is one of the most crucial factors in a locker room, as lockers are primarily designed to keep personal belongings and valuables safe while people work, study, exercise, and use other facility amenities. When considering a locker lock solution, it is important to consider security, convenience, effective management, and ultimately what is best for your guest experience and property operations. With the SALTO XS4 Locker Lock, smart access technology is expanded to locker rooms adding both ease and efficiency to the entire guest digital experience, from checking in to checking out.

“With the world becoming more digital every day, the need to introduce the latest technology into the workplace, retail market, healthcare, and education sectors has never been greater,” says Aznar Sethna, CSMO SALTO Systems.

Most recently, the SALTO XS4 Locker Lock was awarded ‘ 2020 Product of the Year’ by Security Today magazine in their annual competition. Read ahead to find out more about how you can add smart access technology to your locker rooms.

Where BLE technology meets locker locks

The capability of effectively extending real-time, online, and mobile-enabled smart electronic access control to lockers and cabinets has long eluded the hospitality market, until now. By incorporating BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology into electronic locker locks, SALTO KS now delivers a product that extends up-to-date comprehensive electronic access control to lockers, cabinets, and essentially anywhere on the peripheral.

The ability to deliver real-time smart access to locker rooms and cabinets wirelessly and to link it to guest services has been long anticipated, to elevate the guest experience and to provide personalized service and extensive amenities. Adding BLE capabilities to the XS4 Locker Lock solution not only offers the most up-to-date protection for lockers and cabinets, but it also enables guests and staff members to control these devices with their smartphones. The SALTO BLUEnet Wireless engine allows the operator to monitor live access control events and provides the ability to unlock the locker lock, change the opening mode, monitor live door status, or change physical access rules in the access plan—all wirelessly and in real-time. This technology can, therefore, be optimized by hotels and building management, to ensure guest satisfaction.

Automate and optimize your guest experience

One of the primary benefits of a smart electronic access control solution is the ability to easily incorporate mobile access use. This makes it possible to take advantage of all the features smartphones can offer. Being able to check-in and out, unlock a guest room, order room service, and make amenity bookings will all be possible for guests to perform via the guest mobile phone application.

“The new SALTO XS4 Locker Lock with embedded BLE technology makes this product an excellent solution for all of those projects that require a locking solution for a controlled, easy-to-operate, and fully-integrated mobile access technology system.” - Aznar Sethna, CSMO at SALTO Systems

Create a more seamless and secure stay

SALTO XS4 Locker Locks are highly durable and have been constructed to withstand the unique environments often found in locker rooms. Security, hygiene, and cleanliness are a crucial element in the maintenance of locker room spaces. Locker locks allow access to space underneath lockers, ensuring your whole floor space can be cleaned thoroughly and to an immaculate standard.

The SALTO XS4 Locker BLE is an ergonomic design based on the same housing and mechanisms of the original version. A locking thumb turn makes for easy useeven with wet hands. The outer thumb turn, with a red and green indicator for the availability of the locker, has an electronically-managed release. Ready-to-install into pre-existing doors, the XS4 Locker Lock BLE is designed to be the ideal product for the replacement locker lock and can be used to quickly secure any pre-existing cabinet.

And in times where contagious viruses and bacteria dominate the headlines, it is valuable that the XS4 Locker BLE comes standard with BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology that can reduce bacteria and viruses by up to 99.99%. This is especially crucial as Locker-room environments are often more susceptible to contamination.

The impact of SALTO BLUEnet technology

The advanced SALTO BLUEnet generation smart lock technology that SALTO has integrated into every SALTO XS4 Locker Lock BLE model also permits battery status management and audit trail recovery in real-time. With the same features as an online SALTO BLUEnet wireless door, users of the SALTO XS4 Locker Lock BLE can:

  • Monitor online the status of the locker.
  • Know if the locker was opened (i.e. card presented).
  • Monitor online the battery status.
  • Open the locker remotely.
  • Perform an emergency opening.

The SALTO MyLock online configuration tool—which allows users to select and preview potential door configurations for access control projects prior to purchase—has added the new XS4 Locker Lock BLE to the platform. MyLock users can now visualize their next access control project that requires real-time wireless protection for areas like locker rooms, dressing areas, and cabinets.

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SALTO KS provides a flexible access control management system that requires no software installation or the added expense of a fully-wired electronic product. Modern cloud-based, wireless access control systems are easy and simple to use for businesses including Coworking Spaces, Coliving Buildings, Purpose Built Student Accommodation, Retail, Multi-Tenant Housing, Gyms and many more. Our best in class wireless access control solution and smart locks guarantee the efficiency for your business. Integrate smart locks, start easily managing wireless access control now!

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