Posted on 17th of April, 2019

Are Coworking spaces the new startup garages?

One of the most common things about startups is how they all began in someone’s parents' garage or basement and from there developed into the prosperous companies they are today. In order to become such a prosperous company, a very important aspect is to have a stable workplace where staff members can fully focus and are enabled to collaborate. Therefor distractions that often occur at home that can affect the overall progress need to be eliminated. However private offices can be pretty costly and tend to exceed the usual budget of a startup. Here comes in: The coworking space.

Coworking spaces are an exciting way to organize a workplace. A shared office environment allows for a sociable work environment where different people in the business industry can share ideas and have the opportunity to network. Coworking spaces are not just a bunch of desks in a large space with access to high-speed Internet; they are an affordable, inspiring, and exciting work environment.

We’ve gathered the main advantages of co-working spaces:


It is a well-known fact that managing an office is hard. With energy bills, dealing with daily management issues, and cleaning services, one may not find enough time to manage an office and get actual work done. For that reason, coworking spaces are convenient as all these things are being handled and therefore you have a greater focus on your work.

Growing your business

The key to a successful business is making the right connections and being able to network. Coworking spaces provide the opportunity to meet people from various backgrounds and industries. These spaces make it easier for people to connect and collaborate. Co-working spaces encourage business connections and bring people from distinct backgrounds into the same place allowing them to join forces. In other words, coworking spaces are a great place to build partnerships and clienteles!


Renting out an office space is expensive and time-consuming. It has been proven that co-working spaces are more affordable and comfortable for smaller business as everything is taken care of. When it comes to co-working spaces, one does not need to worry about setting up Internet and electricity; all you need to do is pay for the membership and enjoy the available facilities.

Boost Creativity

In coworking spaces, you often find a collaborative and inspiring environment where you can see others putting in hard work and dedication into achieving their goals and dreams. Observing this dedication subconsciously leads to an increase in motivation to work hard and be more productive. In addition, the open space allows for ideas to flow around easily leading to a boost in inspiration and novelty of ideas.

Freelance Talent

A problem that start-ups face is that they are not able to have permanent staff due to instability. For that reason, they mainly rely on finding freelancers. However, finding the right freelance team may not be easy. Nevertheless, it is a well-known fact that coworking spaces flourish with freelancers from countless industries. You might even be able to find the right person for the job sitting at the desk right next to you! Another advantage of this is that you can discuss your ideas and needs at any time since you’ll be sharing an office.

Coworking spaces have proven to be fruitful, convenient, inspiring and affordable and hold many benefits allowing for more productivity and efficiency. It is safe to say coworking spaces are the garages and basements of tomorrow.

IWG (International Workspace Group) is the holding group for different workspace brands including Regus and SPACES, among others and an example of a coworking space community that hosts a ton of freelance talent, networking opportunities and enables creativity.

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