Posted on 19th of November, 2019

Attract and retain bigger companies to your coworking space

Acquiring large companies as customers of your coworking space can have great benefits, including long term commitments and strong financial support. In order to retain such large companies, there are several factors you can put into practice to do so.

Let us introduce you to some of those factors:

Coworking has evolved into a highly popular workstyle that companies and freelancers are embracing globally. Coworking spaces offer users the ability to do their work in a highly effective and productive atmosphere, whilst also enjoying the possibility of interacting with others.

Many large companies around the world are now subscribing to coworking spaces to provide their employees this type of benefit. It grants them the freedom of changing scenery which is a known kick starter for productivity.


Location is a very critical factor of any successful coworking space, especially when it comes to acquiring and retaining bigger companies. Although many coworking spaces are set up in corporate areas within a city, this isn’t a very critical aspect. What’s more important to take into consideration is accessibility. Finding a space that is easily reachable by public transport, bikes, or cars is very beneficial (although you will also need to take into consideration that you’ll need a location with available parking nearby).

Apart from your actual location, it’s important to also consider your location within the building in order to attract bigger companies. Bigger companies tend to go for spaces on higher floors. This makes for nice views and having terraces where your customers can enjoy their lunch breaks.


Your coworking space design is also another critical factor in acquiring bigger companies. A good design for your space would be to properly blend-in interaction amongst your customers with break out spaces but also individual spaces with privacy to work efficiently. This can include creating long desks with individual spaces, so that multiple people can work independently but communicate easily at the same time.

Conference and meeting rooms need to be strategically placed across your space, for instance somewhere with a good amount of natural light.

Try to avoid having all conference rooms within close proximity of each other. Design your conference rooms to fit the comfort of the people using them. Make sure you include large screens and comfortable seats for long meetings.

Meeting rooms can be very busy throughout the day. Finding a space to fit a sufficient amount of meeting rooms will work in your favour. Proper booking management systems with which you can easily book rooms for meetings and conferences are equally important. Your customer experience will sky rocket when they are able to book your meeting rooms with a few clicks of a button.

Check out the SALTO KS integration page to find out how you can integrate KS with your favorite management platform.


This might seem like a lot of work, but asking your customers what kind of extra services they would like to have can be very beneficial. Create a survey where your customers can fill in what they are looking for in a coworking space. It’s important to offer extra services that can place you above your competitors. For example, several customers from a large company using your space may suggest implementing a small daycare center within the space. Knowing they have the ability to come to work and not worrying about their kids will capture the interest of your potential customers, and therefore help you attract larger companies.


Branding heavily will not help you attract larger companies as customers, but rather freelancers and startups. Larger companies may not want to openly subordinate with other brands. Focus on implementing simple strategies to brand your coworking space within your actual space.

Let your members brand your space for you through word of mouth. If they are satisfied with the use of your coworking space, they will be spreading the word about it. Some may even be posting on their social media to promote it for you!

It can be daunting to attract larger companies to your business. Taking above factors into account will put you on the right path.

Take a look at our coworking page to find out how SALTO KS can give your customer experience that needed boost, or contact us, we are happy to think with you!

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