Posted on 14th of April, 2021

Benefit from the ButterflyMX video intercom system and integration with SALTO KS

We are proud to announce the latest KS Connect Partner: ButterflyMX. This integration allows users to open SALTO KS locks from the ButterflyMX mobile app, integrating your favourite access control into ButterflyMX’s video intercom system.

ButterflyMX is your complete property access solution, providing a secure, convenient, and cost-effective way to manage and grant access on the go. With the ButterflyMX video intercom, you can open and manage doors, gates, and elevators from your smartphone. That means residents can use their phones as keys to enter their building. And if they have a visitor coming over, they can let them in from their smartphone — even if they aren’t home. ButterflyMX empowers residents to see who’s at the door before letting them in, strengthening security at your building.

ButterflyMX makes a great partner for SALTO KS. Together, ButterflyMX and SALTO KS create the perfect access experience. Where ButterflyMX makes access easy at the front of the building, the integration with SALTO KS gets residents into their apartments.

The old buzzer system vs. ButterflyMX

ButterflyMX is a pioneer in the intercom industry. The majority of buildings still have outdated buzzer systems in place because upgrading an entry system can be daunting. This is where ButterflyMX comes in.

With products that are easy to install and integrate with popular access control and property management systems, ButterflyMX is the answer for building managers who want to streamline their operations and deliver a modern access experience.

How ButterflyMX is making a difference for building developers

Besides improving safety, the ButterflyMX intercom makes a great marketing tool. Their smart video intercom increases property value by creating a sleek and modern building entrance. Plus, residents are willing to pay more for technology that makes their lives easier, which increases revenue. Therefore, owners and operators can charge more per month.

Additionally, ButterflyMX only requires three connections: internet, door strike, and power. As such, their smart intercom is far easier and cheaper to install than the average buzzer system that requires you to rewire the whole building. Plus, ButterflyMX delivers regular software updates and therefore grows alongside residents’ ever-evolving needs throughout the years.

Even for real estate agents, a smart video intercom is a great tool for selling apartments. Self-guided apartment tours are taking off due to the pandemic and social distancing policies.

With the SALTO KS and ButterflyMX integration, people can enter the building and apartment units without needing to get a key from a leasing agent or receptionist.

“What iPhone did for the flip phone, ButterflyMX did for the old buzzer intercom.”

Building safety

Through ButterflyMX’s Property Management Dashboard, property managers can review entry logs, issue or restrict access, and update resident directories. Entry logs consist of time and date-stamped photos of everyone who has accessed the building, which adds an extra layer of security.

An additional benefit of ButterflyMX is a decrease in physical contact between residents, property staff, and visitors. With the smart video intercom, residents can see who’s at the front door before they let anyone in. There’s no need for physical contact between a doorman and a visitor such as a food delivery person. In light of Covid-19, this helps protect everyone’s health and safety.

Package theft

Package theft is a significant problem throughout the US. ButterflyMX helps prevent package theft by providing seamless access for couriers.

Especially in buildings without a front desk, the demand for a smart intercom is high because it ensures delivery people can get into the building and leave packages inside instead of on the curb. ButterflyMX lets property staff assign unique delivery PINs for each courier so they can easily access the building. Residents can also create and send a single-use delivery pass to couriers.

On top of delivery PINs, ButterflyMX also offers a package room solution. A package room is a designated room in the building, secured by a video intercom, where delivery people can leave packages. All a courier has to do is search for the resident in the intercom directory, select them, and leave the package in the package room. When delivered, the resident gets a text and/or email notification that they have received a package.

“Properties often have to balance security and convenience. But the ButterflyMX integration with SALTO KS does both. Buildings are safer and access is simpler, enabling an improved experience for residents, staff and guests.” - Preston Grutzmacher, Distribution Sales Manager at SALTO Systems United States

The integration

The integration between SALTO KS and ButterflyMX allows residents to unlock doors that are equipped with Salto Systems hardware from the ButterflyMX mobile app. This applies to all tenants living in buildings that have a ButterflyMX video intercom for building access and SALTO locks for apartment access. The integration also works for SALTO Systems smart locks on common area doors (laundry room, gym, etc). Tenants can manage building access and apartment access from a single app with the SALTO KS digital key embedded in the ButterflyMX app.

Imagine a resident's dog walker comes twice a week to their apartment when the resident is at work. There’s no need for a doorman or an expensive front desk. Instead, the resident shares a virtual key with their dog walker in the form of a QR code. The resident can set the virtual key to only work during a specific timeframe. When the dog walker arrives, he or she scans the code and gets into the building. To get into the apartment, the dog walker simply taps the SALTO Systems lock with their phone and opens the door with a designated digital key. There’s no need to open multiple apps, pick up physical keys, or have an extensive conversation with the doorman.

As you can imagine, the possibilities are endless and we can’t wait to find out what this integration will evolve into as the market changes.

To take a deep dive into the integration we highly recommend watching this webinar where Seanna Lockhart of ButterflyMX and Preston Grutzmacher of SALTO KS explain the integration and answer some questions.

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