GCUC Shanghai 2018

The last month of 2018 the teams from SALTO Hong Kong, Singapore and China visited our favourite event in coworking: GCUC. This time the GCUC team touched down in Shanghai, which made this the most cross-border coworking summit in history!

With the theme "Work Better, Work Smarter" GCUC China used this opportunity to showcase the innovative model of coworking spaces and the way this will fit perfectly in the lifestyle that young Chinese people will experience in the future.

"When I feel the vibrancy of the co-working scenes in NYC, Singapore and Shanghai, it makes me very happy we are part of this coworking wave" - Bryan, SALTO Systems Singapore

GCUC Shanghai

Some people still think of the coworking community as something that’s hip and trendy now and eventually will fade, but not many people are aware that coworking is not a new concept. In just a little under the past 2 years, coworking has revolutionized the traditional office space and will continue to revolutionize the way real estate has been used, which will make a big impact on the way people are working on a global scale.

Many world leaders embrace open borders, globalization and free trade. They envision the benefits of the co-sharing economy this will eventually lead to. Air travel, the Internet and technology have made us more connected than ever before. This not only applies to the geographical regions of Europe, Asia, the US or China, but the world as one big connected geographical area.

GCUC Shanghai

"More and more corporates are looking to use flexible offices not only to reduce costs but to get closer to innovation, in China, this trend is already happening. They are moving into spaces and getting a closer look at startups." - Bob Zheng, founder People Squared (P2)

This year’s event focused on optimizing and upgrading traditional work methods taking the entrepreneurial spirit and the team working style of coworking spaces as a basis and look to extend concepts to leisure time and hours outside of work. The event incorporated aspects of lifestyles related to coworking spaces, real estate, entrepreneurship and design. New lifestyle trends related to fashion, music, entertainment, new retail and other fields brought a more in-depth perspective on coworking space models that represent a growing trend for young Chinese people going forward.

GCUC Shanghai

GCUC Shanghai was hosted by Shanghai-based coworking space brand People Squared (P2). Founded in 2010 by Bob Zheng coworking space brand P2 was the first space that introduced coworking to China and has opened 30 spaces since then. P2 merged with smaller coworking space Walnut founded in 2015. Together they need to stand up against the greats of coworking like Ucommune and WeWork. Zheng says this is not necessarily a problem since people are looking for more unique and independent spaces. With GCUC as the binding factor coworking spaces will continue to unite and work together to eventually change the way, we work everywhere.

GCUC is the world's largest coworking space industry summit. Attracted by China's original coworking space brand People Squared (P2), the event came to the country for the first time in 2015. GCUC China assembles domestic and international coworking brands and leaders from related industries to discuss the future trends for the sector as well as changing lifestyles in China.

Take a look at our previous blog post about GCUC UK that was held in September last year!

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The Class Conference 2018 in Milan, Italy

With 650 attendees coming from all over the world this year The Class of 2020, Europe’s leading platform for all topics related to student living was the perfect opportunity for cities, universities and the real estate community of Milan, Italy to join forces.

As an official partner of The Class of 2020, SALTO couldn't be more proud to see The Class Conference in Milan was the largest event up until now. This November the conference filled two days with the finest in PBSA (Purpose Built Student Accommodation), as well as coliving identifying the current needs and shape student living of the future, ensuring the 650 attendees that travelled from 27+ countries got exactly what they were coming for.

“PBSA is critical to attract international students. It is integral to provide good housing, with service and security” - Jorick Beijer, Director of The Class of 2020

The conference presented the exciting opportunity to connect with the European network of student living. City leadership and the higher education community are working together to shape the future of living, working and learning across the globe. Gaining an insightful look into all topics related to talent attraction and student living in order to build ecosystems where student living feels efficient and welcoming is therefore of the utmost importance.

This year’s theme was: ‘From Post-Industrial City to the New Urban Campus’ focusing on cities repurposing their former industrial areas and transforming them into the beacons of innovation for the next economy. Enabling their universities to morph into the backbone of the innovative ecosystem they need to become in order to attract young students. Urban campuses lead the way to social and economic success by being the melting pot of living, working and learning. Milan is aiming for a greater share of the international higher education marker and could double student numbers, according to a research project conducted by the city and student housing think tank.

“PBSA the easy times are over, so value creation through product development and a strong focus on operations is key.” - Vincent Rouget, MD Perella Weinberg Real Estate

Our very own Aznar from Spain, Christian from Germany, and Fabrizio, Alessandro and Michele as deputies from the Italian SALTO Business Unit visited The Class of 2020 representing SALTO KS with our very own booth. With SALTO’s electronic lock portfolio manufactured in Spain fitting any type of door worldwide, we were able to showcase a solution for the international audience that visited The Class of 2020. It was good to see the familiar as well as new faces that were showing their interest to integrate SALTO KS functionality. By becoming a KS Connect Partner, student housing providers can Integrate their own, or their preferred software solution with SALTO KS resulting in the ultimate customer experience providing access on the go and instant real-time lock communication as main benefits.

the class of 2020

It was great to see our product portfolio has many solutions for use cases not uncommon in the student-housing sector. With real-time lock communication to a third party coliving platform, KS enables solutions for several use cases. For instance:

  • Receive a notification when a dorm room is left open: ‘Dear…, we noticed your room is still open, would you like to close it?’
  • Receive a notification informing you when the main entrance is left open at night
  • Set up an automatic notification for new students. They receive a notification when they open their room for the first time welcoming them to the campus and give insightful information
  • With the XS4 lock installed, the inside handle triggers the elevator of the building to make it’s way to the right floor right away, saving your students several moments of waiting time
  • One of this year’s highlights ‘Campfire chats’ was initiated with students leading the conversation on their living preferences, offering us more helpful use cases of the KS solution. Click here for more TheClassof2020 highlights!

    campfire chats the class of 2020

    #ClassConf2019 will be held in Berlin due to the city’s talent for education and innovation that is a magnet for internationally skilled students. You can register here for The Class Conference that will mainly focus on ‘Blended Living’ in 2019. Following Berlin, The Class of 2020 will join forces beyond Europe. Expanding their barriers to Singapore, New York and Sidney for starters.

    Read The Class Annual Trend Report of 2019 here and take a sneak peek to find out what Berlin’s got in store for us next year.

    Discover how SALTO KS can improve your students' experience, click here to receive a quote or find out how you too can become a KS connect partner by integrating your management platform with SALTO KS.

    Coworking Europe 2018 hosted by B.Amsterdam

    This November 500 coworking space operators and facilitators from 45 different countries gathered in the impressive B.Amsterdam B1 building to attend Coworking Europe 2018: The annual place to be if you want to keep track of the rise of coworking. In this year’s edition, all topics related to coworking were discussed from three interesting perspectives: Business, trends and impact.

    coworking europe

    Coworking is reshaping the way we work in a rapid pace. Working people are not the average ‘9 to 5 employees’ anymore. They are independent business travellers, digital nomads and flexible professionals. These people need a solid community and want to experience the new and efficient way of working: Coworking.

    Amsterdam is the perfect location to host this year's Coworking Europe conference. With a fast-growing coworking community due to an increase of freelancers and entrepreneurs, Amsterdam is one of the biggest startup cities in Europe.

    coworking europe

    As a proud sponsor of the conference, it was good to see all the great names in coworking gathered in the stunning venue that is B.Amsterdam. Together with our integration partners Zapfloor, Nexudus, Office R&D and Bisnerr we enjoyed powerful discussions among inspiring speakers. One of them being the Co-founder of Clay. Rick Voogt participated as a panel member in the discussion on ‘How to automate your space so you can focus on what's most important: Hospitality and community’. The key outtake is every coworking space’s needs can be different due to size, target audience or even location. But having well-connected software will make all the difference in running a space but also providing a unique seamless member experience.

    “Putting smart products into your space will bring you your deserved revenue” - Rick Voogt, Co-founder Clay

    At the beginning of this year, we foresaw a trend in coworking that would create a ripple effect during 2018: Automation. People will work alongside machines more and more: A.I. will be applauded instead of frowned upon. New technologies in workforce management and HR software will enable space managers to collect data and speed up unnecessary long processes. With all this newfound efficiency, these managers won’t have to focus on the ‘pile of paperwork’ anymore and find time to focus on building a strong community enforcing the relationship with their members. Being enabled to have more time for human interaction also means we get a chance to beat modern illnesses like burnouts. With A.I. embedded in the workplace, people will become healthier and happier.

    coworking europe

    With its 40.000 square meters and three buildings, B. Amsterdam claims to be the biggest startup ecosystem in Europe. The B.1 is a creative workspace for innovation, education and growth and houses more than 350 pioneering companies, a rooftop restaurant overlooking Amsterdam, a rooftop park, coffee lounges, parking spots, a small cinema and even a gym for its customers! All of this made B. Amsterdam building 1 the perfect venue for Coworking Europe 2018.

    "Coworking is more about people than about buildings" - Thom Wernke, Co-founder StartDock

    Coworking Europe is an annual conference featuring the rise of Coworking and its impact on entrepreneurship, innovation and, overall, the future of the workplace. The conference was founded by Jean Yves, CEO of SocialWorkplaces.com and organizer of Coworking Europe, Coworking Africa and the Coworking India conferences.

    coworking europe

    The Coworking Europe Conference was launched in 2010, in Brussels, Belgium. It has already been launched in Dublin, Brussels, Berlin, and Barcelona, and has managed to create an amazing community of space owners, operators and stakeholders who aim to engage with the local community wherever they go. Coworking Europe 2018 in Amsterdam was the ninth conference organized in a row.

    coworking europe

    Click here for an overview of all the slides of the Coworking Europe event 2018 speakers.

    More on coworking? Read this comic book created by our integration partner Nexudus: Nexudus: The Dawn of Coworking comic book

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