Posted on 26th of November, 2018

Coworking Europe 2018 hosted by B.Amsterdam

This November 500 coworking space operators and facilitators from 45 different countries gathered in the impressive B.Amsterdam B1 building to attend Coworking Europe 2018: The annual place to be if you want to keep track of the rise of coworking. In this year’s edition, all topics related to coworking were discussed from three interesting perspectives: Business, trends and impact.

Coworking is reshaping the way we work in a rapid pace. Working people are not the average ‘9 to 5 employees’ anymore. They are independent business travellers, digital nomads and flexible professionals. These people need a solid community and want to experience the new and efficient way of working: Coworking.

Amsterdam is the perfect location to host this year's Coworking Europe conference. With a fast-growing coworking community due to an increase of freelancers and entrepreneurs, Amsterdam is one of the biggest startup cities in Europe.

As a proud sponsor of the conference, it was good to see all the great names in coworking gathered in the stunning venue that is B.Amsterdam. Together with our integration partners Zapfloor, Nexudus, Office R&D and Bisnerr we enjoyed powerful discussions among inspiring speakers. One of them being the Co-founder of Clay. Rick Voogt participated as a panel member in the discussion on ‘How to automate your space so you can focus on what's most important: Hospitality and community’. The key outtake is every coworking space’s needs can be different due to size, target audience or even location. But having well-connected software will make all the difference in running a space but also providing a unique seamless member experience.

“Putting smart products into your space will bring you your deserved revenue” - Rick Voogt, Co-founder Clay

At the beginning of this year, we foresaw a trend in coworking that would create a ripple effect during 2018: Automation. People will work alongside machines more and more: A.I. will be applauded instead of frowned upon. New technologies in workforce management and HR software will enable space managers to collect data and speed up unnecessary long processes. With all this newfound efficiency, these managers won’t have to focus on the ‘pile of paperwork’ anymore and find time to focus on building a strong community enforcing the relationship with their members. Being enabled to have more time for human interaction also means we get a chance to beat modern illnesses like burnouts. With A.I. embedded in the workplace, people will become healthier and happier.

With its 40.000 square meters and three buildings, B. Amsterdam claims to be the biggest startup ecosystem in Europe. The B.1 is a creative workspace for innovation, education and growth and houses more than 350 pioneering companies, a rooftop restaurant overlooking Amsterdam, a rooftop park, coffee lounges, parking spots, a small cinema and even a gym for its customers! All of this made B. Amsterdam building 1 the perfect venue for Coworking Europe 2018.

"Coworking is more about people than about buildings" - Thom Wernke, Co-founder StartDock

Coworking Europe is an annual conference featuring the rise of Coworking and its impact on entrepreneurship, innovation and, overall, the future of the workplace. The conference was founded by Jean Yves, CEO of and organizer of Coworking Europe, Coworking Africa and the Coworking India conferences.

The Coworking Europe Conference was launched in 2010, in Brussels, Belgium. It has already been launched in Dublin, Brussels, Berlin, and Barcelona, and has managed to create an amazing community of space owners, operators and stakeholders who aim to engage with the local community wherever they go. Coworking Europe 2018 in Amsterdam was the ninth conference organized in a row.

Click here for an overview of all the slides of the Coworking Europe event 2018 speakers.

More on coworking? Read this comic book created by our integration partner Nexudus: Nexudus: The Dawn of Coworking comic book

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