Posted on 28th of January, 2021

Discover 'Around The World in 250 Coworking Spaces’ by Coworkies

If you follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn, then you might have come across our post announcing a new feature we are a part of which we’re particularly proud of. This is the brand new coffee table book project: ‘Around The World in 250 Coworking Spaces’ by Coworkies.

What makes it special? The unique book project about coworking, community & design, represents Coworking in all its capacity on a global scale; showcasing a personal journey around the world of modern workspaces. With a purpose to “inspire the curious, give knowledge to the seekers and encourage the indecisive”, the book is carefully curated with stories of people, spaces and products that are actively transforming the workspaces of today.

Our readers know of our admiration for Coworking and the community who stands for its values. 'Around The World in 250 Coworking Spaces’ offers a comprehensive understanding of the diverse coworking world. A guide of how people build new work environments through collaboration, interior design and community activities.

Read on to find out more about the book, its conception and makers, and our involvement in the project.

Why make a book about coworking spaces

For Dimitar Inchev and Pauline Roussel, Co-founders of Coworkies, travelling and visiting coworking spaces has become a way of life. A journey sparked from pure curiosity in 2015, led to a movement and collective that would redefine the significance of coworking and all it has to offer.

From Milan to Barcelona, London and then onto the next (eventually reaching a total of 82 cities), it became clear that Coworking looked different across the map, each with its own culture and reasoning in the respective city. This led to a saying they often use now to describe this:

“Coworking is the same dish that everyone cooks differently”

As of today Dimitar and Pauline have visited more than 250 coworking spaces in 82 cities around the globe.

After accumulating in-depth findings, statistics and surveys of their experiences, and contributing to a variety of leading publications, the pair were often told the phrase: “You should write a book!”.

The rest is history and has resulted in the book project which we crossed paths with.

“The main reason was to welcome people to join us in the journey of meeting the coworking people of the world and hear the stories of their spaces.” - Dimitar Inchev and Pauline Roussel

Ultimately, the purpose is to inspire the general public to learn more about these innovative spaces, for coworking professionals to inspire each other, and to offer readers a valuable, collectable book with information that cannot just be googled.

Pauline Roussel and Dimitar Inchev

Where SALTO and our technology comes in

'Around The World in 250 Coworking Spaces’ has 350 pages of inspiration, interiors and stories of people who started and grew coworking, coliving, makerspaces and flexible workspaces, allowing communities to thrive at work in different corners of the world.

Among these pages, was a platform offered to us to contribute our findings as a technology provider and thought leader: Designing an experience around access control systems in Coworking spaces.

This can be done by simplifying operations, connecting to existing management tools and growing coworking communities together, thereby creating a unique journey for a visitor, owner, or manager of a coworking space.

Access control systems are not typically the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Coworking, yet they are also a constant variable when it comes to these spaces.

In the book, we unravel our motto: “Old ways won’t open new doors”. Put simply, access can be smartly managed and controlled. This is explained by Sales & Business Development Manager of Coworking at SALTO Systems, Christian Schmitz who says in a small excerpt taken from the book:

“The new way of living and working has changed based on the decision-making level and has turned into rethinking concepts. Coworking spaces are based on a really customer-centric approach. What does it mean for us and for access control systems? Being able to provide data which allows applications to improve the customer experience.” - Christian Schmitz, Sales & Business Development Manager of Coworking at SALTO Systems

Where you can find the book and bring it to your coffee table

As of a week ago, the book was launched by Coworkies and is available for pre-order via a Kickstarter campaign that has nearly reached its goal!

Have a look at the campaign to discover how you can back the project and get involved!

For more information, don’t miss the Instagram Live interview below hosted by Pauline, interviewing Christian on SALTO to learn more about access control systems and how they can transform the overall experience in a coworking space for operators and for members.

Thank you, Pauline and Dimitar for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us in this passion project which reflects the world of Coworking in all its forms. We are honoured to play a small part in this project with huge significance.

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