Posted on 12th of August, 2020

Discover Neo, SALTO’s latest smart cylinder

We are proud to announce the release of the SALTO Neo Cylinder: a new electronic cylinder that offers a variety of features and superior functionality.

The SALTO Neo Cylinder offers value far beyond security. Of course, upgrading a mechanical door to electronic access control enhances security, but the SALTO Neo Cylinder provides even greater control of the door. It offers end users keyless mobile access to any access point and wireless access for instant key cancellation, remote opening, audit trails, reports, and alerts; delivering system administration operations that are simple, secure, and in real-time.

The compact lock is designed for doors where fitting an electronic escutcheon is not possible or not required and can be installed on standard doors, server racks, gates, cabinets, electric switches, sliding doors, and more. It is available in an extensive range of models to suit almost any kind of door, no matter the country.

Discover the SALTO Neo Cylinder - State of the art, cloud access control technology

Read further to find out more about how to optimize access control with the Neo Cylinder.

Where cloud technology meets the Neo Cylinder

SALTO KS cloud technology along with the SALTO Neo Cylinder delivers security that makes it possible to remotely monitor every access point from anywhere, at any time, on any device which offers greater control and flexibility.

With SALTO KS and the SALTO Neo Cylinder, there’s no need to replace or update the cylinder in case keys are lost or stolen. Simply block the tags or user access and assign new access instantly.

With the Neo, you can have full control of all access functions and features over the SALTO KS Web App from anywhere, without any worry about backups, maintenance, or physical on-premise server needs. While on-the-go, use the SALTO KS Mobile App for keeping track of events, remotely unlocking an electronic cylinder, and blocking user access. A cloud-based service is much simpler to integrate with other cloud service systems than an on-premise solution.

Using Digital Key with Neo

Users of the SALTO KS Mobile App can efficiently operate the Neo cylinder with their iPhones or Android phones. Combine the advantages of RFID, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and NFC technologies, when using your Digital Key or Digital Key Widget with the Neo.

Incorporating mobile access into building security ecosystems is essential to maintaining safety and will spare you from the hassle of lost keys, along with the expense and waste which follows.

“With the addition of the SALTO Neo Cylinder to SALTO KS, Digital Keys are now even more powerful, secure and reliable, moving us forward towards our vision of replacing mechanical keys.” - Cem Akcali, Product Manager at SALTO KS

Optimize your use of energy

The SALTO Neo Cylinder provides the most efficient and convenient way of securing your building and assets. The re-engineered clutch system design makes efficient use of energy, dropping consumption to impressively low levels resulting in 100,000 / 130,000 cycles with just one set of batteries. System standby power consumption is reduced, which extends the battery life of the electronic cylinder.

Ensure durability and hygiene

The IP66-rated SALTO Neo Cylinder was classified as weather-resistant, making it especially suitable for the outdoors including extreme environments, encapsulated safely inside the tough Neo Cylinder exterior. Certified to the highest security standards, and pursuing ever-higher quality and reliability, the cylinder is designed to provide users with the finest in safety, security and durability.

For nearly a decade, SALTO, in partnership with BioCote®, incorporated antimicrobial silver ion technology in its smart electronic lock range and supporting product hardware like new SALTO Neo electronic cylinder product range. This is of particular importance in healthcare applications and any public or shared space setting by improving the hygiene of common touchpoints and helping to prevent cross-contamination of microbes.

Easy to install and compatible with your door

Easy to install and retrofit, the SALTO Neo universally compatible cylinder replaces your existing cylinder and fits any door with unlimited model options. It offers an extensive range of wire-free, stand-alone electronic cylinders designed for standard doors where fitting a conventional electronic lock is neither possible nor required. Installation takes less than 5 minutes and is done without screws or drilling.

The SALTO Neo Cylinder range offers limitless choices for customization of your door and retrofitting. SALTO Neo cylinder standard finishes meet most project needs and provide a great match for existing doors. Plus, black and white reader finish choices mean you can offer a truly unique cylinder for any working space or business access project.

Using smart keys and mobile technology with the SALTO Neo Cylinder allows users to manage access rights, instant and keyless, which is more secure than using mechanical keys. There is also added value in the flexibility, convenience and operational efficiency provided by the Neo Cylinder’s wireless technology.

“The SALTO Neo Cylinder has more functionality and performance capability than any other cylinder on the market, allowing businesses to connect to their on-premises network via the cloud with our SALTO KS cloud-based access management platform.” - Marc Handels, Co-Founder and CTIO of SALTO Systems

By integrating all of your security needs through smart, wireless and battery-operated cylinders, the SALTO Neo cylinder will elevate your security experience.

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