Posted on 23rd of November, 2020

Elevate your property with the SALTO KS and Rise Buildings Integration

Anyone who has ever operated an office property or a residential building knows the importance of utilizing that building’s full potential. Whether that means optimizing their tenants’ experience with amenities or ensuring the building’s profitability, every owner and operator has their priorities when it comes to managing the building’s resources.

However, what if we told you that you do not need to pick and choose your priorities and that you can maximize your building’s full potential in every sense?

Enter Rise Buildings, a property management platform devoted to ensuring operational efficiency while providing an optimal occupant experience. Rise Buildings has been a KS Connect Partner since the start of the year and has helped SALTO KS provide seamless solutions to end-users.

In order to properly introduce Rise Buildings to you, we asked the team a few questions about who they are, what they stand for, and which solutions they have to offer.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Rise Buildings:

Could you please introduce your company to our readers?

Rise Buildings is a robust occupant experience and property operations platform that consolidates multiple software and hardware solutions into one, fully-integrated platform. As a result, we are able to deliver savings from reduced technology spend and greater operational efficiency. Our platform also drives higher retention and enables ancillary revenue opportunities through amenity bookings and concierge services.

Further, our data analytics engine allows owners and operators to see and understand critical information about what's going on in their buildings and proactively capitalize on this intelligence. We do this while delivering an on-brand, seamless product, with the possibility of white-labelling, that drives both high adoption and high utilization across the building population, including occupants, staff, and management.

Rise is currently used in over 200 buildings, including some of the top, state-of-the-art multi-family and commercial office properties around the world.

Which features do Rise Buildings offer its users?

The Rise Buildings platform is a full-featured property operations and occupant experience platform that encompasses over 45 features. This includes visitor management, package management, the amenity booking system of record, payments, work orders and preventive maintenance, a full-suite communications module, and much more.

Rise was built and designed by a team with decades of experience as developers, owners, and operators in the real estate industry. Our product was built with the goal of providing a single platform for property managers and staff for everything they do in their property on a day-to-day basis. It also provides the corresponding features that occupants need to interact with the property in one place. By providing this level of functionality, Rise delivers a world-class experience to end-users, achieving this through multiple points of engagement ranging from providing the property’s social feed, enabling the purchase of third party goods and services, a peer-to-peer marketplace, the ability to post and RSVP for events, and so much more.

You recently published an article on your blog about the benefits of fully integrated property platforms. Could you please explain those to our readers?

The importance of a fully integrated platform can be distilled into three main benefits, all of which are interrelated:

  • Exceeding occupants’ expectations for a high-quality experience in their building. The clearest manifestation of this is the goal of having one place for every occupant's needs.
  • Increasing property management and staff operational efficiency through valuable tools and automation to reduce double-data entry, multiple logins, overhead from multiple vendors, and more.
  • Increasing the NOI (net operating income) for owners with the end goal of making the building more profitable. Two ways to achieve that are through increased revenue (happier occupants who stay longer) and lower costs (less turnover, lower overhead/inefficiency).

Ultimately, our platform creates a win-win-win. It provides a better experience for occupants, better tools for staff and management, and better financial performance for owners.

How does the integration of Rise Buildings with SALTO KS benefit the end-users?

Rise’s integration with SALTO KS is a perfect example of our goal of being the one place that occupants and property teams need to go to do everything in their building. SALTO KS’ smart lock technology complements Rise’s complete, end-to-end access and visitor management tool for end-users, which also integrates with the building’s property management and access control systems. With Rise + SALTO KS, end users can use their mobile devices to open entry points, common area doors, and elevators throughout the property based on their credentials as well as individual unit doors equipped with SALTO locks. Further, this integration enables occupants to remotely open access points throughout the property when expecting visitors.

Together, Rise and SALTO KS provide a seamless, end-to-end mobile-based solution for end-users to easily move about their building safely and securely.

In your blog “What Most Of The PropTech Industry Gets Wrong About Tenant Experience”, you mention the importance of functional technology as opposed to technology for technology’s sake. Could you elaborate on that?

The key point is that if you want people to adopt and utilize a technology platform in a building with the end-goals of achieving a great experience, increased efficiency, and higher profitability, you have to provide features that deliver value that users cannot readily get elsewhere. If a building technology’s primary goal is to enable users to order coffee from downstairs, the technology isn’t delivering unique value; that’s something they can do with their Starbucks app. As a result, it’s unlikely that occupants will switch to that platform for coffee ordering, or anything else for that matter.

If, however, the platform’s primary focus is on unique capabilities that people can’t do elsewhere, such as unlocking a door using the Rise + SALTO KS integration, people will adopt and utilize the platform because, after all, they cannot go to the Starbucks app to open their door.

“It is only after you get people to download and use a platform that you can suggest they do things on that platform that they might do elsewhere.”

How do you see the Real Estate industry progressing in the future, especially in regards to property technology? Are there any features you would like to see?

First and foremost, we expect to see an acceleration in buildings adopting more technology. While this was already a trend, it was moving more slowly prior to the pandemic. COVID-19 is proving to be a catalyst for technology implementation in the real estate industry. That said, we are still in the very early stages of both the adoption curve and the innovation curve for real estate. Much of the technology currently offered in real estate is table stakes in other industries. Sometimes this manifests as technology providers trying to push for technologies that are “cool’ over technologies that are actually needed. Before real estate starts implementing the really advanced stuff, we have to start with getting the basics right. And to be clear, doing the basics right is not easy. Implementing good, functional technology is complex if you want to do it the right way.

Thank you, Rise Buildings, for giving our readers an in-depth understanding of your solutions, products, and services, as well as your view on the future of technology in the real estate industry. We look forward to seeing this unfold, and are equally excited for the future of our partnership.

For more on Rise Buildings, you can visit their website here, request a demo, or email the Rise team at You can also follow us on LinkedIn.

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