Posted on 8th of December, 2020

Explore the new SALTO KS app release (iOS version 6.0.0 & Android version 6.0.0)

Piece by piece, we are bringing the SALTO KS Web App functionalities to our iOS and Android apps and the following blog post will walk you through how we aim to do this.

We at SALTO KS value your feedback and continuously strive to improve your experience with our solution. This is why we have been working on new features to enhance your user experience ranging from Site Admins having greater flexibility in managing access to improvements on the People page where you are able to keep a clear overview of your Site's users and their permissions.

Our goal is to allow our Site Admins to be able to execute their daily operations with ease, including changing the profile details of a user, inviting and editing users to their Site, and creating and managing access groups easily from their mobile devices.

This week, the new versions of the SALTO KS Mobile App will be available in stores for both iOS and Android versions.

Below you can find an overview of improvements and fixes within the iOS and Android apps respectively:

1. Profile page

Within your SALTO KS web portal, you are able to navigate to the page that’s called ‘People’. Here you will find all users in your system. Each user has its own tile which states all the information you need at one glance. Here you may edit the rights of a user or gain more information by searching for the user.

The People page which provides you with these details will now provide Mobile App users with the same features available on the Web App. This means you will be able to see more details like user role, alias, Tag, and email.

In addition, editing profile information on the People Page through your smartphone device now allows you to have all the same abilities as on the Web App. This includes the options: change User Role, delete user, send reminder emails in case the user is pending registrations, and of course when necessary, blocking or even deleting a user.

1. Digital Key Settings

A Digital Key is the virtual equivalent of a Tag, enabling your phone to unlock a SALTO lock. With the new app release, you can now see all the Digital Keys of a user and block or manage Offline access per Digital Key.

3. Tag Settings

Although a smartphone is often used to open the SALTO locks, a Tag can also be used. It is a mechanical fob/tag that can be attached to one’s keychain and is pressed against the SALTO lock to open the door.

With the new app release, you can manage Offline access and/or block the Tag of a user. Furthermore, you can assign them a new Tag or unassign the current one.

4. PIN Settings

The SALTO KS PIN locks make Tags and mechanical keys obsolete. By simply entering the PIN code on the keypad, you’re able to unlock your door. Site admins can also generate and assign a secure and authentic single-use code to grant guests temporary access. This keyless entry provides a high level of enhanced security as well as convenience.

Now, from your Mobile App in your PIN Settings, you can assign a code for PIN locks and share it in any way you want with the user. It is also possible to block and unblock the PIN as displayed below.

5. Lock Options

With the multiple types of lock options available in SALTO KS, great security and flexibility can be offered for any Site. The lock options which are implemented in Office Mode(s) include Remote Opening, Manual Office Mode (MOM), Easy Office Mode (EOM), and Override Privacy Mode. It is now possible to use your Mobile App to turn these options On or Off.

Summary of what’s new in iOS version 6.0.0

Features & Improvements

  • An all-new People page.

  • Update to Xcode 12 and Swift 5.3.


  • Fix for the inability to go back to the previous screen when a wrong SMS PIN is entered.

  • Fix for an error when inviting a Pod guest with a custom schedule.

Summary of what’s new in Android version 6.0.0

Features & Improvements

  • An all-new People page.

  • Switch to the bottom navigation.


  • Fix for generating a unique ID after Digital Key activation.

  • Fix for the error message shown when the location services are disabled.

We value your opinion. Contact us if you have any concerns or suggestions regarding the above updates or visit this page for FAQs; we are happy to help!

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