Posted on 16th of January, 2019

GCUC Shanghai 2018

The last month of 2018 the teams from SALTO Hong Kong, Singapore and China visited our favourite event in coworking: GCUC. This time the GCUC team touched down in Shanghai, which made this the most cross-border coworking summit in history!

With the theme "Work Better, Work Smarter" GCUC China used this opportunity to showcase the innovative model of coworking spaces and the way this will fit perfectly in the lifestyle that young Chinese people will experience in the future.

"When I feel the vibrancy of the co-working scenes in NYC, Singapore and Shanghai, it makes me very happy we are part of this coworking wave" - Bryan, SALTO Systems Singapore

Some people still think of the coworking community as something that’s hip and trendy now and eventually will fade, but not many people are aware that coworking is not a new concept. In just a little under the past 2 years, coworking has revolutionized the traditional office space and will continue to revolutionize the way real estate has been used, which will make a big impact on the way people are working on a global scale.

Many world leaders embrace open borders, globalization and free trade. They envision the benefits of the co-sharing economy this will eventually lead to. Air travel, the Internet and technology have made us more connected than ever before. This not only applies to the geographical regions of Europe, Asia, the US or China, but the world as one big connected geographical area.

"More and more corporates are looking to use flexible offices not only to reduce costs but to get closer to innovation, in China, this trend is already happening. They are moving into spaces and getting a closer look at startups." - Bob Zheng, founder People Squared (P2)

This year’s event focused on optimizing and upgrading traditional work methods taking the entrepreneurial spirit and the team working style of coworking spaces as a basis and look to extend concepts to leisure time and hours outside of work. The event incorporated aspects of lifestyles related to coworking spaces, real estate, entrepreneurship and design. New lifestyle trends related to fashion, music, entertainment, new retail and other fields brought a more in-depth perspective on coworking space models that represent a growing trend for young Chinese people going forward.

GCUC Shanghai was hosted by Shanghai-based coworking space brand People Squared (P2). Founded in 2010 by Bob Zheng coworking space brand P2 was the first space that introduced coworking to China and has opened 30 spaces since then. P2 merged with smaller coworking space Walnut founded in 2015. Together they need to stand up against the greats of coworking like Ucommune and WeWork. Zheng says this is not necessarily a problem since people are looking for more unique and independent spaces. With GCUC as the binding factor coworking spaces will continue to unite and work together to eventually change the way, we work everywhere.

GCUC is the world's largest coworking space industry summit. Attracted by China's original coworking space brand People Squared (P2), the event came to the country for the first time in 2015. GCUC China assembles domestic and international coworking brands and leaders from related industries to discuss the future trends for the sector as well as changing lifestyles in China.

Take a look at our previous blog post about GCUC UK that was held in September last year!

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