Posted on 16th of September, 2020

How smart technology is transforming the hospitality industry

Smart technology is upending every major industry on the planet, and the hospitality industry is no exception. This is particularly true in the wake of the global health crisis, in which smart technologies are taking a progressively larger role in ‘new normal’ standards in hotels, coliving spaces, restaurants, entertainment businesses, and other tourism or hospitality-related services. Indeed, smart hospitality has grown into a huge global industry; and much of this new development is taking place in the field of access control.

To investigate the subject of smart technology in hospitality even further, we offered our platform to blogger Jamie Sanders, who is specialized in the field of technology and life hacks.

Read along to find out Jamie’s take on how smart technology is transforming the hospitality industry at a rapid pace:

Although improved security is a crucial part of the access control equation, it is just one of the key points in the emergence of new smart hospitality technology. From smartphones which can transform guest experience to management systems that streamline hotel management operations, smart solutions have the power to transform the industry and its overall functionality.

The role of access control in hospitality

Smart cloud-based access control tech has many practical applications throughout the world of hospitality. In places like hotels, coliving and/or working spaces, this means that no one needs to worry about losing their keys, as there is greater convenience and efficiency in terms of granting and halting access not just to rooms but also certain facilities, and an overall more secure experience for both clients and managers. Apart from security and convenience, these solutions are also a big step in addressing and maintaining distancing protocols in the hospitality world’s ‘new normal.’

Access control is just one important part of the smart hospitality puzzle. Around the world, a variety of smart hospitality-focused solutions are already being developed and rolled out.

In some cases, integrations with third parties are the key to shaping your desired guest experience. SALTO KS’ integration partners in hospitality, for instance, include PriorityKey, 3RPMS, and TABHOTEL; of which optimizing keyless self-check-in and granting remote access through cloud-based solutions is common to all.

Challenges and looking ahead

Of course, this isn’t to say that there are no challenges to the widespread rise of smart hospitality technologies. Any new smart technology, no matter how advanced, can only be as smart as those who are operating or managing it.

The good news is that today, managers and those in administrative positions are being taught how to integrate smart tech into different facets of the hospitality industry through internal training and development protocols. Making this process easier are new employee communication platforms, which makes the integration of smart technologies faster and more streamlined from executive managers down to hospitality staff.

This, in turn, has spurred an uptick in HR specialists who can help facilitate the ongoing digital transformation across the entire hospitality industry. In fact, training and development specialists who have studied online human resources degrees can expect a 9% growth in job prospects up until 2028. A large percentage of the projected growth are finding their way into hospitality and tourism due to their skills in business organizational behaviour and their ability to react to changes in regulations within the industry.

With the hospitality industry being extremely dependent on new tech, this will lead to an increase in customer demand for businesses that can adapt to smart tech the quickest.

As both hospitality providers and connectivity tech developers envision a smarter hospitality industry, this is just the beginning for smart solutions emerging in the industry.

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