Posted on 25th of March, 2021

How technology is changing the way industries operate

The use of technology has become indispensable in everyday life. Undeniably so in recent times, where we deal with tech devices that help us carry out our duties. However, due to some emerging technologies, workers around the world are losing their jobs. New technologies are making companies change their strategies; as a result, today’s demands are higher.

If you’re wondering what tools are needed to stay ahead of the curve, look no further, as this blog post will explain how technology is changing the way industries operate.

Founder and CTO of Career Karma, Artur Meyster has penned down his thoughts on the subject, walking us through the various ways in which technology has fastened itself into various industries. According to Forbes, Career Karma is a tech-driven platform that "helps people become software engineers by matching them to the right coding bootcamps and giving them support for the rest of their careers." Read further to find out more about Artur’s views.

The following list will walk you through how tech is disrupting leading businesses, and what you can do to prepare to face future challenges.

Robotic process automation

Manufacturing companies are implementing RPA strategies to increase their productivity. As they can work day and night, there’s non-spot production. For many employees, the use of robots has been a nightmare. As companies can reduce costs, the need for manufacturing operators is decreasing. However, they are making the workplace safer. As no workers need to work on dangerous tasks, labour risks have been reduced.

Today’s employers are looking for workers capable of dealing with robots. The demand for candidates with skills in robotics has increased. For example, robotics engineers and technicians are in demand. By implementing new strategies and maintaining robots, organizations can remain competitive.

To learn how automated systems work, you can enrol in Kenzie Academy’s bootcamp. The company offers an excellent software engineering course that will provide you with core computer science concepts. As you’ll get acquainted with in demand tools, building and maintaining complex applications will no longer be a struggle.

AI-powered systems

AI and machine learning are helping companies provide more personalized experiences. As systems can learn from user input, they can perform better and yield better solutions. AI-powered systems are being used everywhere, from healthcare to the automotive industry. But they are causing a massive job disruption.

For example, Tesla and UPS are making self-driving vehicles, displacing many drivers in the process. As drivers are no longer needed behind the wheel, the need for human intervention has decreased.

In healthcare, AI systems are helping doctors make better diagnoses and save human lives. Today AI robots are used during surgeries. Because they can analyze previous practices, they can give instructions to surgeons and yield better results.

Nowadays, more companies rely on data to make decisions. Data scientists are using machine learning algorithms to create better insights. One of the best tools to deal with data is Python. This language gives developers what they need to analyze, interpret, and visualize information. Enrolling in a Python bootcamp is a great option to remain in the competition.


Drones have become essential these days. They are great for mapping, tracking, and monitoring, and allow organizations to implement better strategies. Some organizations like Walmart are using drones in warehouses. Because they can search and find items faster, drones are great for inventory management.

In agriculture, drones are being used for field analysis, crop spraying, and planting. They can produce precise 3D maps, so they’re quite useful in designing seed planting patterns. Also, using distance-measurement equipment, drones can scan the ground and spray the right amount of liquid.

Other companies like Amazon are using drones to make half-hour deliveries. Because they can cross sites within minutes, customers can buy and receive their products in less than an hour. Drones are changing not only the way industries operate but the way we see the world. In the film industry, they are being used for aerial footage. As customers have a different perspective of landscapes, they feel engaged.

Try-before-you-buy apps

Shopping online is becoming the new standard, and companies are using augmented reality to make customers feel comfortable. Years ago, many users felt unsure about online shopping. Because they didn’t know the items’ actual size or how they would look on them, they hesitated when it came to buying them. Those days are gone thanks to augmented reality.

Companies like Ikea give their customers access to 3D previews of merchandise. They can see how the item fits in a room, and make their purchase without hesitation. Gucci also allows users to try on shoes to see how they look on them. By pointing their smartphones’ cameras, customers can choose between 19 different sneakers.

Augmented reality is taking online retail to a whole new level, and there’s definitely no way back. But, since customers prefer to buy online rather than in a store, sales representatives are losing their jobs. Digital marketers are taking their place; they are helping companies to improve their marketing strategies.

Smart homes

Internet-connected devices are capable of making your life much more comfortable. In-home smart devices have become popular in recent years. For homeowners, they have been a blessing. Using only one device, homeowners can control everything in their smart homes, from the AC system to the washing machine, and even their security using smart locks. A cloud-based access control system can even connect to your home climate control system through technology integrations. No matter where homeowners may be, they only have to give instructions using their smartphones and enable remote openings and more.

With the use of smart vacuums and in-home robotic assistants, IoT is helping customers build the home of the future. But, for traditional in-home service companies, this is having an adverse effect. Housekeepers are experiencing lower incomes because of decreasing demand for their services.

Wearable monitoring devices

In healthcare, wearable devices are helping companies to take significant strides. As they can monitor patients’ health, they are assisting doctors in detecting health problems. Years ago, smartwatches could only be used for phone calls, sending messages, and scheduling meetings. But, today, they can also monitor your heart rate, stress, and even oxygen levels.

Online streaming

Traditional TV companies are being affected by the use of streaming services. Customers now prefer TV streaming rather than traditional services. As they allow customers to watch content from anywhere, they are transforming today’s market. Companies like Netflix use machine learning algorithms to provide more personalized experiences. As they provide suggestions based on previously watched content, they can make users feel engaged.

The use of tech inventions will continue to reshape the market. As they’re helping companies to meet customers’ requirements, the need for skilled workers will continue to increase. If you want to be a part of the future workforce, you must learn the required tech skills. Keep in mind that, as days pass, more companies want to speak tech, and this might just be an advantage for you.

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