Posted on 3rd of September, 2019

Kndrd: On a Mission to Change the Way People Live ?

At SALTO KS we care a whole lot about Coliving. We think it's important to change the world together. That's why we partnered up with several organizations that are disrupting the Coliving movement.

Every few weeks you can expect a blog post that will highlight the point of view of one of those Coliving movement disruptors.

We kick off this project with Kndrd, a coliving movement for driven and successful entrepreneurs who are committed to growing their businesses to ultimately make the world a better place:

Kndrd: Technology to facilitate the living in CoLiving ?

It’s never easy being one of the first to do something.

Especially in such a nascent industry.

Since we launched a year ago, Kndrd has been about redefining the way the world lives. We don’t think it’s okay to be ‘just okay’ with how your life is going. Everything, from your job to your home to your relationships, should be valuable and incredible.

And for this reason, we believe that it comes down to optimizing every aspect of housing, especially in major cities around the world.

Commuting an hour or two into the city center for work each day? Spending time with people who don’t uplift and inspire you? Feeling alone and isolated without meaningful relationships? These are all issues of time and spending it wisely.

On the flip side, we want to improve the efficiency of how people live and interact with each other. Including direct integration with IoT. Technology like SALTO creates automation and a great solution to home access.

In order for most people to live in the city and save precious time on their commute, they have to sacrifice cost by paying exorbitant rent prices. And it’s out of hand.

This is what drives us at Kndrd: PEOPLE. These lives and stories deserve nothing less than amazing. So we are building the software to connect humans with a CoLiving home that serves them in all parts of their life.

Here at Kndrd, we didn’t do things the easy way…. And we’re okay with that.

- Christine McDannell

We’re allowing people to travel and live globally in a way that is actually flexible and easy for the first time. Our hope is for this global interconnection to remind people that, deep down, we as humans are far more alike than we are different. And the more Kndrd is able to optimize CoLiving operations, the faster these properties can scale and serve more people.

This is what makes us tick. And the impact is profound: We can’t think of anything greater to do with a company than to help people live better.

Because, at the end of the day, that’s all we have.

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