Posted on 26th of December, 2018

Meet Javier Roquero, Managing Director at SALTO Systems

Last year we interviewed Marc Handels, co-founder & CMO at Salto Systems and shared with you his vision of a great team and the future of access control. This time with our new KS blog we are happy to announce our interview with Javier Roquero, co-founder & CEO at Salto Systems. In this interview, Javier explains how he maintains that highly important work-life balance, what he would do if he could pick any other job and tells us more about his vision for the future of the cloud.

How did you find yourself working in the access control business?

Since I was a child, I always wanted to work in this sector… I am kidding, of course: In the 90’s I started working for a company in the mechanical door hardware business. Together with a group of friends/colleagues, we came across this great opportunity to create SALTO Systems. To be able to set up a brand new company with strong components of innovation, industrial processes and marketing challenges was the green field approach what attracted me. It was very clear from the beginning this was a once in a lifetime opportunity I had to grab onto.

"Solid personal values and the consistency to defend them is the most important skill to own" - Javier Roquero

In what way did SALTO Systems change your life?

I am afraid I have to say (even if it doesn't sound too sexy) SALTO didn't change my life: Before SALTO I was a happy man enjoying life, which I still am, now more than ever. I am proud of what we have achieved, but I have very clear priorities: The correct balance between my personal life and my professional achievement is what drives those priorities.

How do you see SALTO grow in the next couple of years, and where do you see cloud products fit in that growth?

Well, the answer is clear if you see the investments we are making in our factory: More than 8 million euros are being used to extend the factory capacity in order to be ready for the expected growth we are anticipating in all world regions and market segments. Cloud is a top priority for us. Back in 2012 we already partnered with Rick and Xander, the founders of Clay. This was even before everyone was talking about cloud. In the future, I foresee top leading software companies that are placing cloud executives in top management positions to lead the transition.

If you weren’t being busy building your company, what would you be doing?

Let me think and dream a little...running a hotel perhaps. A small boutique hotel somewhere, with a close contact with clients offering them to experience something different from the pure lodging one. I enjoy meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. This is why I find managing 28 different nationalities at SALTO so exciting!

What kind of activities do you enjoy in your free time to unwind?

I have so many! Basically, anything sports related. I used to run a lot, but now I am more on cycling and trekking. But probably ski mountaineering is my favorite. If it’s outdoors and in nature, you can find me there.

What is one of the best skills to master in your professional life?

To have solid personal values and the consistency to defend them: Our customers relate to the core values of our company and recognize those in our employees.

What future company plans are you looking forward to the most?

Retirement! I am kidding again! I would have to say taking SALTO to the next level. Nobody knows exactly where electronic locking is headed. Being a part of discovering that journey is amazing.

We want to thank Javier for his insights on the cloud, the locking industry and entrepreneurship!

In 2017 SALTO completed the acquisition of Clay. With this important step, SALTO Systems executes on its strategy by strengthening its leading position in both cloud technology and mobile access control.

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