Posted on 1st of May, 2019

New CLP API release: v1.8.0

The latest application version (v1.8.0) / API release version v1.1 has been released on the 18th of October 2018. This maintenance release introduces new functionality. No API endpoints have changed, but some have been added.

Functional changes:

  • It is now possible to overrule the generic accessor settings for "remote_access", "blocked", "override_privacy_mode", "toggle_easy_office_mode" and toggle_manual_office_mode on a collection level. These can be controlled via the CollectionSettings endpoints, and they can also be retrieved for all accessors in a specified collection_id via the AccessorSettings endpoint.

  • Per key (tag or digital key) linked to an accessor, it is now also possible to control blocked and offline_access_type per collection via the KeySettings endpoints.

CLP API Release notes history:

This maintenance release solves a number of issues. No API endpoints have changed, only the underlying application.

Application version: v1.5.0 Release date: 22 Jun 2018

Functional changes:

  • LAM syncs are now handled via Redis queue

  • Support for POST endpoint in Larry for Tenant Certificate

Fixed issues:

  • IQ migration from old to new environment fails with exception

  • Refactoring of sync repositories to be async to resolve multiple bugs

  • An empty set tree does not empty the temp tree table

Application version: v1.4.0 Release date: 11 Jun 2018

This maintenance release solves a number of issues and extends some (internal) endpoints. No API endpoints have changed, only the underlying application.

Functional changes:

  • Removed FluentValidation.WebApi which is not used

  • Expanded TreeItemViewModel mapper to map additional hardware related properties

  • Implemented DeleteIq internal endpoint for Larry

  • Implemented internal endpoint Set LockSettings for Larry

  • Added additional internal endpoint health_check

Fixed issues:

  • CCC response code mapping mismatch was fixed

  • If M2M stick is used in a different IQ, previous iccid assignment is deleted

  • Solved issue with deletion of accessor_tags

  • Fixed issue with ava_get_current_router_node_version Stored Procedure

  • Fixed System.Net.Http.Formatting dependency

  • Fixed delete pin endpoint so it is based on the pin id

Application version: v1.2.0

This version introduces versioning to the CLP Hardware API. Additions to the API as well as changes that do not break existing code of anyone using it can be handled within one version. If there are changes that might break code that is using the API (identified in the release notes as "breaking changes"), these are introduced in a new version. Depending on how big the changes are, we will introduce a minor or major version.

Breaking changes

  • /assigned_tags endpoints have been renamed to /keys

  • Manual Office Mode and Easy Office Mode toggles are now managed per IQ

  • lock_accessor_tag mechanism for managing offline acces has been replaced by patch calls over /locks and /accessors endpoints

New functionality

  • Added property override_privacy_mode to accessor to allow someone to open a door even if it is in privacy mode

Functional changes

  • Handling and forwarding of privacy mode events

  • Rejecting remote opening when a lock is in privacy mode

  • Support for versioning has been introduced

  • Error responses have been included in the documentation

Fixed issues

  • Resolved bug where force deleting an accessor could result in concurrency exceptions

Since the last release we have made several enhancements and worked hard on new features, which warrant the release of a new version.

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