Posted on 13th of February, 2020

Optimizing Coworking in Asia, an interview with KSConnect partner andcards

andcards is a Coworking space automation platform that connects the world’s best apps and services in access control, payments and customer communication to save time and automate routines like managing your (multiple) coworking space(s) on the go.

Because we are always interested in a good background story especially when it comes to our KSConnect partners we asked andcards a few questions.

Read along with us:

What is the story of andcards foundation? How long are you on the market?

andcards got its first customers in Seoul, South Korea. The capital of one of the most innovative countries in terms of the economy (according to the 2019 Bloomberg Innovation Index.) Much like everywhere else, the coworking industry is booming in Korea. As coworking businesses mature, they want to reinforce their brands and add value.

Working at a coworking space, we learned a lot of their challenges and needs and used our energy to help take coworking businesses to a new level. Since July 2018, we’ve expanded our operations to 11 countries of Asia, Europe and America.

Why did you choose the coworking niche? Do you believe that the future belongs to workspaces for remote employees?

Coworking spaces have personality and diversity. In pursuit of differentiation, coworking businesses open workspaces for startups, broadcasting studios, gender-oriented coworking spaces, coworking spaces in the countryside for employees on workstations etc. You can always find the one that’s right for you.

Another thing we love is the flexibility for fast-growing companies. I don’t need to worry that my team will quickly outgrow the room, as I can always add more space or move to a larger room, all without over-the-top long-term leases or obligations. Along with great advantages, throughout our coworking experience, we have discovered challenges to operational efficiency and accessibility of coworking services. So we embarked on a mission to make coworking spaces cooler and more efficient.

Instead of building an “all-in-one solution” like other businesses, andcards focuses on integrations. Why do you believe it’s a better way to cater to your target audience's needs?

We want to minimize success gaps and build a great user experience, which is the reason why andcards focuses on integrations. Everybody knows that replica will never be as good as the original. For instance, instead of building our own invoicing mechanism, we chose to integrate with the best invoicing tools such as Stripe or Xero. These products are the best in their niche and are able to satisfy your business invoicing needs to a higher degree.

We found that workspaces around the world already use many great apps that they love, and don’t want to give up. So we help them continue using those apps, synchronizing the customer data between their apps, and giving them one central place where they can consolidate all information to have a bird’s eye view of what’s going on in their business.

What does digital innovation such as SALTO KS can do in this field?

As we mentioned in the andcards blog, access control system advantages include enhanced security, more positive and cool workplace culture, and higher efficiency of coworking space services thanks to 24/7 operation. All these coincide with andcards mission, and we believe are important to any growing workspace. Not only SALTO KS access control solution technology helps transform workspaces into online service hubs, but it also drives forward this transformation globally due to SALTO KS availability all over the world.

How do you see the coworking industry development?

With all the remote work and flexible office culture trends we observe right now, I think the future will have 3 kinds of workspaces with clearly defined target audiences.

  • First is coworking cafes with desks rented short term by freelancers, remote workers, digital nomads. First is coworking cafes with desks rented short term by freelancers, remote workers, digital nomads.

  • Second is a serviced office centre with rooms and services for teams rented long term, targeting startups or companies of all sizes.

  • The third is large corporate campuses like Apple Campus or Amazon Seattle Spheres.

In all three cases, we believe the workspace will not be just rooms and desks, but rather a hub of various value-added services.

Thank you andcards for giving us insights on your way of working and your view on the future of Coworking.

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