Posted on 4th of October, 2019

Product update: Renewed People page

At Salto KS we aim to provide a product that's easy-to-use. Therefore we renewed the People page where you are able to keep a clear view of your Site's users and their permissions.

Let us take you by the hand and show you how this page works.

New People page:

When you are a space operator with a lot of members to maintain, big chance you have trouble keeping your overview. At Salto KS we want you to have the best customer experience possible so you can do your job with ease.

This is why we have worked on a new People page for To manage and maintain your users, but most of all keep a clear outline.

What is the People page?

Within your Salto KS web portal, you are able to navigate to the page that’s called ‘People’. Here you will find all users in your system. Each user has its own tile which states all the information you need at one glance. To edit the rights of a user or gain more information you can search for the user in the right top corner and click on their tile.

After clicking on a user’s tile, you get redirected to the user’s designated page. On the left of the screen, you are able to edit the profile info of the user and see the tabs of which this page is built upon: Entries, Keys and Lock options.


On the Entries page of this user, you are able to view all actions of the user and search for specific actions. You are able to browse:

· Entries and what way they are triggered (Digital Key/Tag/Remote opening etc.)

· On what lock this opening was performed

· Details on the opening if needed (start/end, lost or restored connection, battery level etc.). If there are no details to present, the page shows says ‘N/A’ (Not available).

· The start/end date and time


Below the ‘Entries’ tab on the left, you can find the ‘Keys’ tab. This tab provides an overview of the type of ‘keys’ a user has adopted and what the status of the key is. There are multiple keys you can edit on this page:

· Digital Key (Open the door by tapping your phone to the lock)

· Tag (Key fob)

· Pin (Pin lock)

In case a user needs different remote opening and lock mode privileges you can navigate to the third and last tab on the left that says ‘Lock options’.

Lock options

On this page you have four options you can enable or disable for this specific user:

Remote opening*: The user is able to unlock or set a lock-in Office Mode** remotely

*A remote opening means you are able to unlock with your phone from an unlimited distance

**When a lock is in Office Mode this means the door will be unlocked until you take it out of Office Mode

Easy Office Mode*: Enable or disable the lock’s EOM (Easy Office Mode) schedule with a tag (key fob).

*With Easy Office Mode you are able to schedule when you want the lock to be in office mode (open)

Manual Office Mode*: Enable MOM (Manual Office Mode) by presenting a tag and holding down the inside handle / Present a tag (key fob) for more than 5 seconds on any type of BLUEnet lock.

*With Manual Office Mode you are able to manually put a door in Office mode (open) by presenting a tag and holding down the inside handle / Present a tag (key fob) for more than 5 seconds on any type of BLUEnet lock.

Override Privacy Mode*: Override a lock-in privacy mode with a tag (key fob).

*Privacy mode allows a person to lock a door from the inside, using a physical action.

Overall the People page has become clearer with more information you can collect in a short period of time.

The team behind SALTO KS is working continuously to meet the needs of our customers and implement enhancement whenever we can. So if you have new requests make sure to reach out to

More product updates? Check out the new and improved Access group page here.

Keep an eye on our blog to keep up with the latest product updates, event recaps and more.

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