Posted on 15th of May, 2019

Recap of the first global Coliving conference

During a meeting at a coliving space in Serbia, the founders of the Coliving Hub decided to establish a movement to promote, facilitate, educate and provide the means to develop the coliving industry on a global scale.

Fast forward to this April: SALTO’s Vertical Business Development Manager Christian Schmitz witnessed two days of powerful talks at the very first Global Coliving Conference in beautiful Las Palmas, Gran Canaria hosted by Coliving Hub.

Coliving Hub is determined to change the way to market coliving accommodations like PBSA and co-create places that inspire and enable personal and collective growth. They are on a roll with their fast expanding network of digital nomads, remote workers and new ways of living and needless to say, we’ll accompany Coliving Hub every step of the way leading to this admirable goal.

Aiming for the closest look possible on anything coliving, the conference was filled with like-minded people, tips and tricks right from the heart of the industry.

Read on to find out what insights we’ve collected from the conference:

Mental health

Jeremiah Adler CEO and founder of Up(st)ART emphasized on how coliving is on the other spectrum of real estate in terms of it's human aspect. Coliving is making the world a better place in more ways you could imagine. Take for instance the fact that Millenials and gen z (the generation that comes after Millennials) are the loneliest generation: 48% say they are lonely and 37% of gen z have sought mental health treatment. Loneliness is worse than smoking 15 cigarettes a day, more dangerous then obesity and will increase your likelihood of death with 29%. The regular landlord doesn’t care for such personal issues. Here comes in coliving: Somewhere you can build upon supportive relationships to overcome loneliness. A home where you can flourish. Emotionally, mentally and physically. Communities where we feel belonging, communicate authentically, and are able to grow together.

A frequently used saying is ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with'. But thanks to coliving we can change that into 'You are the average of the five people you are coliving with’.

Choose wisely.


Why in the world would you pay for something you are not using, right? This is a fair question even while standing in your own kitchen. When is the last time you actually used it? There is a better way of spending the $ 2100 a month that you now pay for the usage of probably 10% of your whole house, like on your passion(s). Move into a coliving facility and say goodbye to throwing away your money and get inspired by the people surrounding you along the way. Up(st)ART’s has a mission that enables young people to move to any city in the world with just $ 1000 in their pocket. We couldn’t applaud this initiative more.

Policy and regulations

When opening up a coliving space, collaboration with council authorities and planners is important. A good start would be to learn the language of real estate developers. Work together with a professional planning specialist in order to show the authorities how your coliving space will benefit the community especially in regards to social value and economic returns. Emphasize on how coliving spaces are boosting the local economy worldwide by providing it’s residents with a more positive and inspiring living experience.

The ideal coliving space

There are four pillars that hold up a successful coliving space: Smart design, a sustainable financial model, wise management and operations and policy. Within these four pillars factors like well trained on-site staff, clear communication and tech integrations are all working together to foster a strong sense of well being for your residents.

Your residents are the ones that make or break the space. Set up values to build a strong community. Get inspired by these examples:

  • Mindfulness of others and oneself

  • Inspired by nature

  • Personal development

  • Dynamism and practicality

  • Sharing of resources

  • Artistic expression

  • Co creation

As a proud sponsor together with Kindred Quarters, Spegc, The fizs and Urban Adventurers we were proud to see that Fanny Caloz (Co-founder Swiss Escape), Maria Sirotkina (Coliving founder), Rod Cook (Founder of Retreats), Hazique Memon (Co-founder Swiss Escape), Jacob Shapiro (Account Manager Outpost Club Coliving), Christine McDannell (Founder of Kindred Quarters), and Restation made the Coliving Hub conference a huge success! Thank you!

More on coliving? Read the recap about the class of 2020 in Warsaw, Poland here

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