Posted on 20th of June, 2018

Regus Access Control app launch

Last weekend was a pretty exciting one for us at Clay. While most were out partying on King’s Day and combining that with a long weekend; we were having a different celebration. Regus Access Control – Beta Pilot was launched on Saturday, at Singelstaete; an impressive Regus business centre with marble interiors and high ceilings.

Regus, the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace solutions, today has over 3000 locations, spanning over 1000 cities across 114 countries. To gain the ability to remotely control building access, Regus turned to Clay’s API. Before its partnership with Clay, Regus used a mix of mechanical locks and disparate card systems for office and building access control respectively, so key and lock management was completely manual.

With Regus Access Control, Clay and Regus deployed an access control system globally for remote centre management. By partnering with Clay, Regus improved its customer experience significantly by eliminating the management of physical keys. “We keep growing and expanding in many international markets, and Clay has proven to be the right partner that supports us to scale globally,” said Andre Sharpe, Chief Information Officer at Regus.

As of this week, every new Regus business center that will open around the globe will be using the Regus Access Control by Clay. We are excited for our work to be recognized by many successful companies working at Regus business centres around the world. The event on Saturday was great for all of us who worked hard on this project, to come together and celebrate. And no celebration is complete without a tasty drink! That’s why we treated the Regus team and everyone involved in this exciting project with a traditional liquor of our hometown.

Cheers to exceptional teamwork!


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