Posted on 23rd of October, 2019

SALTO KS timeframes explained

Setting up timeframes for a variety of users such as guests, tenants and suppliers is essential for your access control solution. Below we will dive a little bit deeper in the world of the SALTO KS timeframes, to provide a better understanding of how a timeframe can be set up and what kind of options there are.

What are timeframes?

Timeframes are essential for granting access. By defining a timeframe, you grant access to a user, or a group of users, for a specific period. Without setting up a timeframe for a user, they get their access denied by default.

As of today, there are three different timeframes you can set up. Below we will show you which ones and how they work.

Check-in & Check out (Coming soon)

The latest addition to the timeframe family is the ability to select a check-in and check-out date and time. With our evolving customer base, we noticed there was a big demand for this functionality which is especially helpful in the hospitality branches with hotels and short stay apartment providers like Airbnb or SONDER.

There are many benefits that come with this pre-set-up check-in and check out timeframe. Three highlighted benefits being:

· There’s no need for your guest to pick up or return any key, they can just walk in and out bypassing the front desk

· Therefore, you avoid extra administrative work

· Your cleaners don’t have to wait in case your guest(s) are running late, which saves you time and money.


The easiest way of granting access would be selecting the timeframe that’s called ‘Always’. Like the name states the user with this timeframe can come and go as he/she pleases. This comes in handy for instance when an office manager would set up an account for a new employee who will be a permanent part of the team and needs 24/7 access.

Custom schedule

In many situations, the custom schedule timeframe has proven to be very helpful. When defining a timeframe for a specific user or for an Access group (a group of users that have the same access rights) you are able to select:

· Start date

· End date

· Specific days of the week

· A timeframe

This custom schedule timeframe ticks all the boxes when it comes to personalised access rights.

We recently redesigned the Access group page. You can read what changes were made here.

The team behind SALTO KS is working continuously to meet the needs of our customers and implement enhancement whenever we can. So, if you have new requests make sure to reach out to

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