Posted on 25th of December, 2019

Six items to put on your access control wish list

When it comes to choosing the right access control system for your Coworking or Coliving space, certain features should be placed at the top of your wish list. Investing in smart locks will enhance security and convenience both digitally and physically. This is why it is crucial to keep in mind which features are essential when integrating such technology while implementing an access control system.

Read on to find out the must-have features that make a great access control system:


With an access control system, users should be able to assign people varying levels of access on an individual, group, or role basis. While this feature is standard on most access control systems, it is most essential in granting and restricting access.

With selective access, you can regulate which people have what kind of rights through certain entry points and are able to manage the amount of these entries.

With scheduled access, it is possible to limit entries to specific times within the day or week and even according to certain locations. This results in helpful functionalities like visitor access that can be scheduled in advance, granting access during the Christmas holidays, for example.


An access control system makes it possible to create customizable reports which can be instantly generated. These reports provide detailed information for users regarding who is coming and going from any location. This detailed access log and event reporting comprises entries, users, and dates which can be exported to CSV or automatically emailed to relevant parties.

The dashboard of an access control system can display reports in real-time and for each entry. These reports can be customized according to specific parameters in order to present information ranging from doors being opened for too long to even unused or inactive users. This data can be used to monetize your space.


Cloud-based access control systems store permissions in the cloud which makes it possible to remotely manage, view, and control your access. This is possible using a web- or smartphone app whereby upon authorization, the user may operate the system through an intuitive interface.

Additionally, cloud storage for reports and events ensure backups that can be scheduled. This ensures that data is never compromised and is easily accessible.


For added efficiency, an access control system should be equipped with the potential for built-in integrations and third-party apps. This can be for cloud services including Office 365 and Active Directory, as well as tools relating to human resources, membership and facility software via API.

Some of these integrations can be an alarm, intercom, and video surveillance systems so all aspects of access control are managed through a single user interface which makes management easier and user-friendly.


The ability to remotely unlock and schedule entries is vital in selecting access management systems. For instance, with the push of a button on a smartphone, access can be granted or restricted from any place and at any time. This is particularly useful for those with multiple-door facilities or multiple locations to control.

Remote visibility is another asset as it enables visual monitoring which allows video access or information through a web browser or mobile app.


An access control system can be interactive through notifications in the form of alarm, email or text alerts to inform users of when an entry point has been accessed or rejected. Notifications will appear when a door is held open, forced open, and can even be limited to a specific door.

This feature can also be customized in order to make alarm notifications with specific sounds whereby one can differentiate between regular and urgent situations. Some systems even enable photo notifications which display photos of employees or residents as they pass through entry points.

Above features should be kept an eye out when researching and selecting the access control system that suits your requirements.

Not sure which access control system is suitable for your business? Contact us, we are happy to guide you on your way to the access control solution that's tailored to your business needs.

Six items to put on your access control wish list 1

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