Posted on 2nd of December, 2020

Spatial Experience on their rebranding, partnership with SALTO KS and future

At this time last year, we introduced you to our Think Tank Partner, SPX Agency; the experience-driven real estate agency with a mission to create and develop brands which connect to the hearts of their customers.

Now a year later, this mission has progressed into reality and SPX is evolving into Spatial Experience. While the former focused on branding and digital marketing, Spatial Experience drives the agency even further to an experience-driven hub shaping future living.

To learn more about this new chapter, we caught up with the Spatial Experience team to learn more about their evolution, their Think Tank Partnership with SALTO KS and upcoming plans for the future.

Read ahead to learn more.

Before we begin, could you please briefly introduce Spatial Experience to our readers?

Spatial Experience is an innovation hub working in the intersection of design, technology and research to shape the future of living. Spatial Experience brings creativity and innovation to emerging real estate sectors with one goal in mind: designing purposeful spaces that enable human-to-human interactions, both online and offline.

We have gone through an extensive rebranding process, leaving SPX Agency (SPX) behind to evolve into Spatial Experience. We are expanding our offer and reach, creating more opportunities for our clients and partners, enabling connections and strengthening current partnerships, such as our Think Tank Partner SALTO KS.

When did the rebranding process take place and when was it finalized?

In general, we had this in mind for a very long time. We first evolved into a creative agency and later became an ecosystem with three pillars: SPX Agency, SPX Lab and SPX Studio.

Years of research and development finally turned into concrete planning at the beginning of 2019, and in March 2020 the first activities behind the scenes took place. The message we wanted to send to the world is our enhanced positioning into an innovation hub.

“We work in the intersection of design, technology and research, and each of these aspects is very important to our business as we cannot do what we do without these three pillars.”

We have been strong in design as well as branding & marketing since the beginning and we are strengthening our expertise in technology and research continuously.

While working on SPX Lab we realised that there is a pressing need to bring product and business development into perspective, so we realised this needed to be externalised with a refreshment of the brand, that is where Spatial Experience comes from. Spatial Experience in general stands for experiencing the space, driven by different factors such as interior design, sensorial elements, interactions, among others.

“Our role is to help emerging real estate concepts in the creation of inclusive, memorable, experience-driven spaces, supporting them in digital transformation and bridging the real & digital world.”

For the last half a year we have been focused on discussions and planning of the new brand positioning, what is our role in the industry, how can we drive greater impact, connect to partners and other stakeholders in the industry to influence the way shared living is shaped. We made the decision to rebrand because we know that the real estate industry will face a need to evolve and we want our business to be capable of supporting all challenges of future living. In order to be empowered to do that, we have created an ecosystem where research & development, agency solutions and support to emerging real estate startups can coexist and fuel each other. We evolved to become a strong partner that business can turn to for great ideas, to help them materialise their goals.

“It should be noted that our approach to rebrand Spatial Experience follows a growth-driven design and design thinking methodology: we believe a brand is a living entity, it is a journey, not a destination.”

What is the significance of the Think Tank Partnership between Spatial Experience and SALTO?

Our Think Tank Partnership with SALTO resulted from a number of genuine discussions between Bart Sasim, CEO & Founder of Spatial Experience, and Christian Schmitz, Coliving Business Development & Sales Manager at SALTO Systems, during different industry events. For years we have been advancing ideas, trying to be inspiring partners for each other, and at some point, we realised our organisations would mutually benefit from a partnership. We do not foster only our intercompany relationship, we also get involved in other organisations. We are both members and partners of Co-Liv and of The Class of 2020, we are working together on Coliving Insights and we are hoping to keep working together in the future, aligning our vision for the industry.

Think tanks share ideas, concepts, perspectives and assumptions on how things will move forward, how we can answer today’s problems with future-proof solutions. As we are both stakeholders of the same industries and segments, intersections of technology, design and marketing can provide a greater value. For us, this partnership is a great chance to understand SALTO’s perspective and share ours.

You mentioned that there was an “extensive rebranding process” involved in the transition to Spatial Experience. Could you describe what this transition involved and how it took place?

This transition required strategic thinking, planning and a seamless promotion of the new identity and brand. On an internal level, it involved an alignment of our vision and mission and of our long term involvement in the industry, as well as the reinforcement of the belief that we can drive more impact through other tools. Bound to the success of this major transition was also an alignment of our team culture. To accomplish the rebranding in the terms of what we envisioned, it was crucial that every member of our team understood the implications of the expansion of our horizon. A number of novel ideas, technological advancement, digital solutions and a whole new ecosystem would be now embedded into their DNA as well. In that sense, regarding team culture, we feel we have matured a great deal during the transition process. Certainly, one of the biggest milestones of Spatial Experience was to have built a culture that enables our team to support the industry on multiple fronts.

On an external level, this transition required us to better communicate in a more holistic yet simple way what we do and what we stand for, as well as what our work, services and products can bring to our stakeholders eg. clients and partners, among others. A well-defined message from Spatial Experience had to be translated into our offering as well.

What is in store for Spatial Experience and SALTO’s partnership and the upcoming future?

One of the main reasons we started a Think Tank Partnership with SALTO is that we are aware of how important smart technology is and how it helps drive sustainability, efficiency and value creation. With this in mind, we are developing a new venture named Digital Estate, that will connect multiple PropTech solutions among other Tech Tools in one single platform, linking real estate businesses with products and services in an easy, integrated, seamless experience.

Digital Estate will be an enterprise dedicated to help real estate businesses in sustainable digital transformation and to reach their highest potential, allowing users to browse, select, combine and book services & products.

Thank you very much for sharing your experience, plans and perspectives with us. If you would like to find out more about Spatial Experience, visit their website, blog, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Stay tuned for a special second part to this interview, where we dive further into experience design and the future of living with Spatial Experience.

If you want to learn more about our Think Tank Partners, explore our coliving page. To read more about SALTO KS, click here or follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn for the latest product features, team updates and news from the industry.

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