Posted on 19th of February, 2019

Spotlight on a dealer: Guardian Security Ltd

Interview with David Wileman: Sales manager at Guardian Security Ltd and top 3 SALTO KS dealer in the UK.

Guardian Security is a professional security company who provides security services to clients across Exeter and the South West of England. They possess extensive experience in all aspects of both domestic and commercial security and can provide their customers with the advice that they need to ensure their property is protected.

This UK based surveillance company understands that the provision of adequate security systems is a significant concern for both home and business owners. This is why they offer bespoke security solutions that are tailored to the needs of their customer's properties. Guardian Security's consultants are always available to discuss their customer's requirements to improve their home or business security.

We spoke to Guardian Security SW Ltd.’s Sales manager David Wileman about the pros and cons of selling a cloud based solution in today's access control industry

How was it for you to embrace selling a cloud solution like KS, vs. server based or other solutions?

Originally they were separate markets, we only really sell Salto so it was easy to embrace, however, the line between Salto and KS has blurred. Both have different unique selling points.

How do the sales of KS and other cloud solutions compare to your other non-cloud solution sales for access control?

Currently, SALTO KS is the only cloud product we sell. The beauty of cloud is that it removes any IT investment and responsibilities from the customer, so KS is a game changer.

What were some of the early day challenges with KS when it was fairly a new product for small and medium-sized businesses?

I'm not sure that there were many challenges, however, the limiting factors were the number of app users per IQ as it narrowed the market, this has now been dealt with. The fact that we can't check in/out guests is still a problem and precludes us from most of the hotel market. There is now a Keypad which was originally missing, so all in all other than the check-in/out most things have luckily been resolved.

How do you see the locking industry evolving with the new market demands?

Moving more to a cloud-based system. Maybe the use of smartphones as carriers, however, there is still the problem of flat batteries which a lot of end users fail to realize, I like the KS keypad for that reason. More integration certainly on the hotel side with booking websites. More differentiation between manufacturers with regard to the security of how the data is stored.

What are the challenges you face when explaining/selling SALTO KS to a business?

None really that I can think of. Cloud has been around for a pretty long time so most people get the concept.

Guardian Security South West continues to do what they do best: Helping their customers feel more secure in their homes and/or business.

We want to thank Guardian Security Ltd and their team of professionals for having us around!

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