Posted on 30th of January, 2019

Spotlight on a dealer: Lockhouse

Interview with Frank de Weijs: Owner of Lockhouse and top 3 SALTO KS dealer in the Netherlands

Lockhouse, based in Eindhoven, has over thirty years of experience in selling high-quality access control systems. Their team consists of five professionals that work hard every day to put a smile on their client’s faces by selling advanced access control systems like SALTO KS. The strength of Lockhouse lies in clear communication between the client and a designated Lockhouse employee who manages a project from A to Z.

We spoke to Lockhouse owner Frank de Weijs about the company, SALTO KS and his beloved old-timers

How did Lockhouse start?

In 1987 our company was founded as a locksmith/security company. In 2008 Guido van Dal joined the company as a partner and in 2013 the founder resigned and Frank de Weijs joined and took a part of the founding on him.

Frank de Weijs explains: "Guido and I were already working a lot on electronic locking so from 2013 the company changed a lot: From b2c to b2b. In B2B there’s a lot more opportunity for the electronic locking market. Our clients consist mostly of housing associations, healthcare institutions and companies."

How did you come across SALTO KS?

We were already working a lot with SALTO. When SALTO KS was introduced to us it was a logical step to sell this product.

What are your favorite functionalities of SALTO KS?

The ability to block tags (hardware tokens) is very convenient if you, for instance, have a specific timeframe you don’t want a person with a tag coming into a specific space. SALTO KS distinguishes itself also by the remote opening feature that is available in the app on your phone. Customers or suppliers waiting outside your office and you’re running late? Simply tap your phone and let them in!

What were some of the early day challenges with KS when it was fairly a new product for small and medium-sized businesses?

Finding out if there was a good enough signal available from the IQ and if it was possible to transfer that signal from the IQ to the repeaters

How was it for you to embrace selling a cloud solution like KS, vs. server based or other solutions?

We believe cloud based products are the future so embracing a cloud solution like KS was easy for us!

How do the sales of KS and other cloud solutions compare to your other non-cloud solution sales for access control?

How do the sales of KS and other cloud solutions compare to your other non-cloud solution sales for access control? The KS solution is more suitable for smaller systems. For the bigger systems we usually recommend other SALTO products or a different brand. For a smaller system the extra maintenance products like encoder, programmer and software are usually too expensive.

What are the challenges you face when explaining/selling SALTO KS to a business?

It can be difficult to estimate the number of IQ’s we need to mount, because we can’t always know if the IQ can communicate well enough with the cylinder, due to other wireless products we are not able to anticipate on beforehand.

How do you see the locking industry evolving with the new market demands?

I think more and more companies will come with cloud solutions since this is undeniably the direction the locking industry is heading. Granting access from your phone will be part of that future.

What is the craziest you ever encountered with during your work at Lockhouse?

Since we’re based in Eindhoven everyday is a crazy day! (A famous Dutch saying is ‘Eindhoven de gekste’ which translates into ‘ Eindhoven the craziest’). “Seriously, it’s one big celebration to be able to make our clients happy with the whole team!”

Fun fact:

Frank collects old-timers, and has a few gems stored hidden at the Lockhouse property!

Whether it’s safety, comfort or a secure feeling Lockhouse is solely focused on advising and assembling high quality solutions.

We want to thank Lockhouse and especially Frank and his wonderful team of professionals for their hospitality!

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