Posted on 1st of May, 2019

Spotlight on a Dealer: Locs

Locs is one of the top dealers of SALTO KS in Belgium and has more than 20 years of experience in the domains of security and access control.

Installers that work for Locs say that there are no keys, locks or electric systems that are foreign or challenging to them. The technicians who are prepared to equip any door with any type of lock ensure strong field service. When you find out that some of the installers have been working together for 65 years at Locs, their deep knowledge and high quality of service come as no surprise!

The company has its own steel workshop where all the hardware elements are tailored to customer’s doors. The administration and sales department of Locs handles each customer request carefully and maintains operations of the company.

We spoke to Pieter Jans , owner of Locs and user of SALTO KS, about the future of access control and his expert view on cloud-based access control solution SALTO KS:

Pieter, tell us, what made you decide to become a SALTO KS dealer?

From the very first beginning, we have been a Premium Inspired business Partner of SALTO. The collaboration has been excellent from the start and we have completed various big projects together. When SALTO started with Salto KS we were very interested in the possibilities of the system. The strength became obvious quickly and it was a welcome addition to our access-control product range: Especially for decentralized customers who are looking for an easy but strong and efficient access control system.

How progressive do you think Belgium is in terms of cloud-based access control?

In the area of innovation and R&D, Belgium is internationally known for taking the lead in a number of technological fields. The Belgian customer is quite demanding about safety, especially when it comes to their home or building. Besides safety, the comfort of using and possibilities of usage are very important. Customers are expressing more interest to use the system in their own way. Because of this, we get a lot of questions of creative use of the system. So, to my experience, we can say that the Belgian people are quite progressive.

What is your favorite function of SALTO KS?

It’s not really a function that is my favourite, but it is the app! The possibility of opening doors via remote opening or with the help of my cell phone and checking the events is proven to be very handy for me. I even use Salto KS in different locations of my own enterprise!

What new features or integrations would you and your customers like to see in a cloud-based access control system?

When we look at the private market, we can see that the traditional houses are moving more and more to “Smart home”. These homes are bursting with technological advances and people prefer to have a centralized tool to use all these technologies, for instance, their tablet or smartphone. But they also want the comfort to use numerous tablets or cell phones, with the updated systems to their disposal. Therefore, it is my belief that the integration of different technologies into one application is something that the future client is really looking for.

We now have finger, and face-ID. Where will the authentication methods draw the line in the access control industry?

It is always difficult to predict what the future brings. It all depends on the purchase requirements and needs of the customer. Do customers prioritize safety? Or comfort? Control? The type of authentication depends on what the client is looking for. When the safety-level has the highest priority, they can always combine different methods, for example, an eyeball-ID and fingerprint. It is my belief that the combination of authentication methods results in a higher safety level rather than one highly advanced method. But one thing is certain: to have a functional access control system, you always have to work with a “Unique ID”. This can be a badge, finger or even an eyeball.

We can explore all the biometric options of the human body, but at one point the possibilities will end or won't be comfortable to use.

Thank you Pieter and the Locs team for your insightful answers!

Wondering if Locs is located close to you, or would you like to find one of our professional SALTO KS dealers in your specific area? Check out our global Dealer map here (right below the ‘get a quote form’).


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