Posted on 30th of October, 2019

Spotlight on a dealer: Quincaillerie du Léman SA

For our recurring ‘Spotlight on a dealer’ blog post series where we shine a light on the many professionals around the globe that are working hard on promoting and selling SALTO KS, we traveled to Switzerland to speak to Didier Kauer. Didier is Head of the Salto Hardware Department at Quincaillerie du Léman SA and knows everything there is to know about Salto products.

Read how this small Swiss hardware and security shop grew into a flourishing business with a staff of twenty-two employees:

How was Quincaillerie founded?

Quincaillerie du Léman SA was founded in 1996. At the beginning we were with only five employees, today we have a staff of twenty-two people! We have more than 10,000 items of hardware and security products in stock in our Store in Bussigny -Lausanne and more than 300,000 items in our E-shop. Our greatest strength: The study, planning and implementation of a project as a whole. We are able to advise, supply and install all components around the door.

What made you decide to become a SALTO KS dealer?

As a regional hardware company, our main customers are construction professionals and we had recurring requests for small and medium projects. It was essential to be able to offer a suitable cloud solution to our customers. We were already a reseller of Salto products and it was only logical that we decided, as a Premium Plus Partner, to offer this solution.

“Our greatest strength: The study, planning and implementation of a project as a whole. We are able to advise, supply and install all components around the door.” - Didier Kauer

What were some of the challenges Quincaillerie faced during its early days

The first challenge for our security department was to introduce mechatronic locking systems to the market.

This locking technique was not yet known to everyone and the design of an organization chart required much more time and thought than the 100% electronic systems we know today. Setting up a team and maintaining continuous training has not been easy, but 20 years later it has definitely paid off.

How do you see the market evolving in Switzerland for access control systems?

The evolution towards cloud management is making its way. People are becoming more and more familiar with the use of smartphone as a key. Another foreseeable development is the merger between access control and building technology. One thing is certain: There is a lot of potential in the field of construction and access control.

What feature impresses you the most about SALTO KS?

I particularly like the integration possibilities such as video surveillance and management systems for coworking and coliving. The opening and control of the door by smartphone is obviously a big advantage.

But what I appreciate most of all is the reliability and constant evolution of the Salto product range.

Do you have a SALTO KS related anecdote you would like to share?

I remember it very well: This was following the completion of our first SALTO KS project.

This customer I had prospected was swearing by mechanical key systems. I might as well tell you that I had a hell of a challenge to succeed that day. A few weeks later, he contacted me again and told me that he had sold two other SALTO KS installations himself. As I tell all our prospects: Test SALTO KS, and you will love it.

How do your customers feel about using SALTO KS over other locking solutions?
They appreciate the fact that they can manage their installations remotely from their smartphones or tablets.
The app's simple and friendly interface gives the customer confidence from the very first steps of using it.

Who are your main clients?
We have all kinds of SALTO KS customers. We generally equip small and medium-sized businesses, retail stores, but also private owners.

We would like to thank Didier for granting the KS team time to pick his brain on his highly appreciated vision of access control.

Read more about Quincaillerie du Léman SA's projects on their website.

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