Posted on 4th of April, 2019

Spotlight on a dealer: SM Schloss + Schlüssel GmbH

The Cologne-based company SM Schloss + Schlüssel GmbH was founded in 1983 by the managing director Hermann Manderscheid. The company evolved from a two-man operation that made keys of all kinds and executed homeownership, over time to a reputable security specialist. In 1995 Hermann’s son Stefan Manderscheid was hired as the second managing director of the company.

With the growth of the company also the computer age arrived. Gradually, computer-aided locking systems and CNC milling devices were purchased.

Today, the company has one of the most modern equipment in Cologne.

We spoke to managing director Stefan Manderscheid about SM Schloss + Schlüssel, SALTO KS and the challenges they had to overcome:

What were some of the early day bumps with KS when it was fairly a new product for small and medium-sized businesses?

The biggest challenge at the beginning was a system without local access management and a limited amount of offline keys. Without the necessary know-how, the projecting of the radio transmitters was also a challenge.

How was it for you to embrace selling a cloud solution like KS, vs. server based or other solutions?

Luckily, I didn’t have to decide. We sell both systems with great success. Cloud solution has, however, great advantages for smaller companies, who have no infrastructure, such as servers and admin, or companies looking for cloud integrations.

How do the sales of KS and other cloud solutions compare to your other non-cloud solution sales for access control?

As we are currently doing larger projects with non-cloud solutions, the ratio is estimated to be 40:60, but the gap is closing rapidly.

What are the challenges you face when explaining/selling SALTO KS to a business?

Actually, it is not a challenge. In general, you can tell quite easily if the customer is potentially suitable for the solution. After that, you just have to show the system. From there it’s usually smooth sailing.

How do you see the locking industry evolving with the new market demands?

Electronics are clearly on the rise: If you do not start today, you will not have any customers tomorrow.

The supply and installation of fittings, safes, electronic access controls, alarm systems, mailbox systems and home security are just as much a part of the main business for SM Schloss + Schlüssel GmbH as repairs, custom-made products and keys of all kinds.

This family business has proven to handle any type of demand, and we are happy SALTO KS is in such good hands.

We would like to thank Stefan for the time he took to chat with us!

Keep an eye on this resourceful team and follow SM Schloss + Schlüssel GmbH on: Facebook!

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