Posted on 26th of February, 2020

Spotlight on a Dealer: Zaugg Schliesstechnik AG

On a recent trip to Switzerland, we visited 3 installation companies who all have one thing in common: they offer smart security solutions and in particular, deal SALTO Systems and SALTO KS to their respective clientele. The reason for our trip was our series, Spotlight on a Dealer, where we aim to find out about the businesses and people behind the sale of access control solutions; For instance, the first from our Swiss trip, Quincaillerie du Léman.

In this blog post, we will take you behind the scenes of Zaugg Schliesstechnik AG which has its head office located in Luzern, Switzerland. Here, we met Managing Director Ronny Zaugg and spoke with Head of Marketing and Executive Board Member, Dario Zaugg, who gave us insight into sales of cloud-based solutions, the advantages and challenges behind selling a product such as SALTO KS, and the evolution of the locking industry.

Zaugg even shared with us exciting new market demands and future integrations customers would like to see.

Read on to find out more about Zaugg Schliesstechnik AG in this Spotlight on a Dealer!

What were some of the early day challenges with KS when it was fairly a new product for small and medium-sized businesses?

It is not that easy to pre-configure the SALTO KS system for the customer. A lot of the detailed installations are possible to configure when the system is fully released to the customer. This is sometimes not easy to handle. Especially when the business is located at different locations.

Spotlight on a Dealer: Zaugg Schliesstechnik AG 1Pictured above: Ronny Zaugg (Managing Director) and Dario Zaugg (Head of Marketing)

How was it for you to embrace selling a cloud solution like KS, vs. server-based or other solutions?

Actually, that is the huge advantage of selling SALTO KS. Most private customers or small businesses do not have a server-based IT ready to install. A lot of the clients nowadays are ready to change to a cloud-based solution and are willing to have such a solution for the future.

How do the sales of KS and other cloud solutions compare to your other non-cloud solution sales for access control?

Demand is rising. Not only in the private sector, but also more and more in the business world. An important point of sale is the simple operation and reprogramming in the web application. In addition, a simple subscription should not be too complicated.

Spotlight on a Dealer: Zaugg Schliesstechnik AG 2

What are the challenges you face when explaining/selling SALTO KS to a business?

I think the most effective way is to be able to show it by means of running a demo of a sample plant/application. The biggest challenge, however, is the installation on the different door types. Each door has to be clearly discussed in detail. Customers often do not have the technical knowledge to distinguish an electronic fitting from an electronic cylinder or an electronic wall reader. However, this is important because otherwise they expect something different with great probability and are not completely satisfied with the result.

Spotlight on a Dealer: Zaugg Schliesstechnik AG 3

How do you see the locking industry evolving with the new market demands?

Nowadays, the customers want to have simple solutions, easy to configure and still on the highest security-standard.

What made you decide to become a SALTO KS dealer?

We have been SALTO PPP-Partner (Premium Plus Partner) for several years and had been among the first to start with SALTO KS and make that our first experience. The hardware is working, and the integration with SALTO KS makes it even better for new features in future.

Spotlight on a Dealer: Zaugg Schliesstechnik AG 4

In terms of cloud-based access control, how progressive do you think Switzerland is?

In a small country like Switzerland, I think we are very open to new technological developments. For example, cloud-based access control. Customers can see the advantages and possibilities of a cloud-based access system. On the other hand, we probably have one of the highest standards in mechanical lock-key systems. So that doesn't make it easy to convince customers of a new electronic locking system.

What is your favourite function of SALTO KS?

Definitely the remote opening via the SALTO KS app.

Spotlight on a Dealer: Zaugg Schliesstechnik AG 5

What new features or integrations would you and your customers like to see in a cloud-based access control system?

The Integration of other booking platforms (such as holiday rooms, meeting rooms, premises, etc.) and automation of key release in one platform.

We now have the finger and face-ID. Will it stop at eyeball-ID or do you think the authentication methods will keep evolving in the access control industry?

It is very difficult to predict which technology will ultimately prevail in the access control industry. Fingerprint ID has been around for several years, and from my point of view has not been able to assert itself (too susceptible). Other biometric solutions like hand veins or eyeball-ID I could imagine might replace this in the future.

Spotlight on a Dealer: Zaugg Schliesstechnik AG 6

Thank you Ronny, Dario and the rest of the team at Zaugg Schliesstechnik AG for these insightful views on the future of access control and (selling) cloud-based solutions.

For more information or to get in touch, contact Zaugg through this contact form.

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