Posted on 8th of May, 2019

The biggest in coworking: GCUC USA

Since 2011 GCUC (the Global Coworking Unconference Conference) has brought together more than 7000 game changers from around the globe and hosted 24 international conferences. This April GCUC stepped up their game even more and organized their biggest event so far: GCUC USA in Denver.

For four days the SALTO KS team that travelled to the USA for this exciting event were surrounded by business owners, entrepreneurs, technology and marketing experts, and thought leaders in the coworking industry. Our friends from GCUC launched this largest coworking series in the world, which was, in fact, the biggest unconference we have seen over the last few years. It was great to see that, in terms of numbers, the attendees and sponsors were at an all-time high: The perfect setup for networking, collaborating and showcasing with the biggest and brightest in coworking!

The unconference part of GCUC is what makes this conference so unique and successful: The visitors get to decide what topics are discussed during the day. Topics that are voted up even get their own break out session. This approach gives space owners, members, suppliers and all others that touch coworking on a daily basis the platform to get answers to questions right from the heart of coworking.

At GCUC USA in Denver, SALTO was represented by the dream team that included: Ron Shaffer, Miles Ethridge (SALTO US), Xabier Martinez de Apellaniz MdA (SALTO HQ) and Bryan Leong (SALTO Asia). Coming from four different backgrounds and age groups (try to guess which one) the team stood out and the message that SALTO is able to support customers from anywhere around the globe was clear for all visitors.

Being the only provider for cloud-based access control at the event, the KS team was able to answer the many questions regarding integration solutions: To run a coworking space is not an easy job that’s why SALTO KS can be integrated with management software to make coworking space owners lives easier. The KS team collaborated with the Salto KS Partners showing the features and great potential of the integration with coworking management software solutions like Nexudus, Office RnD, Cobot and Yardi Kube.

In the world of coworking, the community is one of the most important drivers. It was amazing to see a group of people this big including corporate executives, entrepreneurs, designers, (aspiring) coworking space owners, real estate visionaries and industry enthusiasts. There was no way of not getting inspired.

There was no way of not getting inspired.

Coworking is a global hype for some time now and will grow even more for many years to come. We certainly got the coworking fever during GCUC USA, now it is your turn. Click here to find out how SALTO KS can improve your space!

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