Posted on 15th of July, 2019

The first KS Service of 2019: Comelit

The year 2018 was a great one for SALTO KS. Many changes were made on the front and back-end of the applications, improving, for instance, user experience and the speed of the platform. With these steps forward, ensuring solid grounds for the future, we are expanding the KS family with external KS services such as Comelit and many more to come! The SALTO KS Cloud Business Development team is continuously in search of brands we can successfully integrate with.

The Comelit Group SpA is a company operating on a worldwide scale and specializing in the design and manufacture of video entry, video surveillance, anti-intrusion, home automation and fire protection systems. For an overview of Comelit offices worldwide click here.

"It is interesting and challenging to work on integrations, especially this one. We had the chance to 'play' (work) with new devices and integrate cool and useful features that connect two different platforms." - Jakov, Mobile app developer

Kicking off A joint project in the UK kicked off the partnership between Comelit and SALTO KS. The project was formalized at the end of 2019, and three bricks from SALTO KS travelled to Bologna (Italy), to discuss the integration. The crew consisted of our two mobile developers (for both iOS and Android) and our UX designer. This trio was put together to fully grasp the possibilities that the Comelit mobile SDK (Software Development Kit) offered.

The concept In short, the concept is as follows: The owner of a multi-tenant/residential building purchases a Comelit intercom and SALTO lock for the main entrance. The KS service allows a single app approach therefor reducing investment costs for indoor panels and/or expensive rewiring. By activating this service on mobile devices, tenants of the building are able to:

  • Receive notifications if someone is at the main entrance

  • Ring specific residents in a multi-tenant building

  • Receive a live audio/video feed

  • Let tenants/visitors in remotely from wherever, whenever

All of the above can be managed from the SALTO KS mobile app.

Design & development To create a common understanding of the tool and how it eventually will work on mobile devices a ‘Customer Journey’ was created. This not only describes the integration itself but the complete flow of the product, including the communication with the building manager.

After approval of the design, the development team could begin as well. Geared up with a Comelit demo-case containing all the hardware, the first technological proof of concept was created. It didn’t take long before it was possible to activate an intercom and receive a call from the SALTO KS mobile app.

Releasing a great KS Service The following months the design and development of the integration continued, until the new mobile app version could be released. Loyal to the initial Customer Journey, SALTO KS now offers an easy integration with Comelit intercoms. This enables the owner/manager of a building to offer a new service to tenants: Be notified about someone ringing your doorbell, having a live video/audio feed, and unlocking remotely.

How does it work The building tenant creates an account to log in to the mobile app, and selects Comelit from the KS Services.

After a successful activation of the device, a walkthrough is presented which explains in four illustrated steps the benefits and functionality of the KS Service. After this walkthrough the connected intercom is presented, meaning that all is set and done to make full use of the functionality.

Now, a guest arrives at the main entrance of the building, and he enters the number of a specific apartment. The Comelit intercom will send a push message to the SALTO KS mobile app, directly notifying those who have activated their device. The notification is presented as a regular phone call, which can be either answered or ignored. Answering the call will open the two-way audio feed of the intercom, just like a regular call. From the same call screen, the visitor can be let in directly. The app will remotely grant access for a few seconds! Alternatively, if the guest is not known, a video feed can be started (depending on the type of intercom). This screen offers similar functionality to the previous: Either let them in, mute or end the call.

With this integration the path to many more successful, time and costs reducing collaborations has been paved.


SALTO KS provides a flexible access control management system that requires no software installation or the added expense of a fully-wired electronic product. Modern cloud-based, wireless access control system is easy and simple to use for businesses including Coworking Spaces, Coliving Buildings, Purpose Built Student Accommodation, Retail, Multi-Tenant Housing, Gyms and many more. Our best in class wireless access control solution and smart locks guarantee the efficiency for your business. Integrate smart locks, start easily managing wireless access control now!

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