Posted on 2nd of August, 2019

The first SALTO KS #colivingmeetup

When Gui Perdrix, Co-Liv’s global ambassador and SALTO’s very own Student housing & Co-living Expert Christian Schmitz join forces, great things happen: Together they organized SALTO KS’s first #colivingmeetup at the office in the city center of Amsterdam.

This meetup was initiated to enable likeminded people that are making a change in the coliving scene to exchange knowledge, build alliances and of course, socialize over beer and good pizza.

On this lovely summer evening, over thirty deputies of coliving beasts like The Class of 2020 and coliving enthusiasts from all over the globe came to visit the SALTO KS office. We started the evening with an introduction from Christian and Gui. Explaining Co-liv and SALTO KS’s mission to skyrocket the coliving scene with help from all attendees. Next, Gui proposed an original way of introducing ourselves: Everyone in the group paired up and told each other what their occupation was and how this related to coliving. This way all couples were able to introduce each other to the group which set the tone for a fun and interesting night full of insightful thoughts on the growth of coliving in the Netherlands.

The main themes that came to the surface this night were:

Legal challenges

Aspiring or established coliving operators in Amsterdam among other cities face difficult legal challenges. A worrying amount of only two residents are allowed per unit which is a huge problem when you want to open up a coliving space. These challenges are not easy to overcome until coliving will become more mainstream and embraced by the municipality.

Starting out

Opening up a coliving space is not that easy. Not only because of the many legal challenges but also defining a location, and actually start. It was great to see the attendees were able to share their vision and advice on this matter during the meetup. These collaborations enforce our core mission: Enable coliving for more people around the globe.


Needless to say, the influence of technology incorporated in coliving spaces was a big theme. Despite what most people think, technology actually does make a space more personal. By automating processes like onboarding the community manager gains time to spend on more personal experience, leaving tenants to feel secure and taken care of.

Read here what the ultimate tenant experience looks like when technology is involved.

“Sometimes it takes some extra effort to put the right people together but the synergy that comes out of that can be life-changing for certain industries. This is what SALTO and Co-Liv are trying to do for Coliving”

- Gui Perdrix

At the end of the evening we could all agree the way coliving is changing the world is remarkable. It’s a cure for loneliness, an igniter of creativity and a welcome answer to the over populated real estate market.

It was great to see that many people are interested in enhancing our well-being by the way we live and how SALTO KS is contributing to enable this for many.

We can’t wait for the next #colivingmeetup. Keep an eye on the blog and our social media channels: LinkedIn and Instagram for updates!

Find out more about the first global coliving conference here.


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