Posted on 6th of February, 2019

These trends are redefining the way we work

For a long time it seemed as if employees were expected to thrive on no other then awful coffee, bad lighting and soggy cheese sandwiches, but times have changed for the better. Office spaces are now the number one tool to attract and retain top talent.

Adopt these trends that have redefined the way we work in 2018 to facilitate the perfect work environment for your members and employees.


Now more then ever workspaces are being used as part of recruitment strategies. Those who are born between 1980 and 2000 are a tough generation to retain as loyal employees. Attracting and retaining this generation called ‘Millennials’ as a company all comes down to creating an experience rather than just an office to work in.

Meeting new people, a vibrant atmosphere and room for creativity are highly appreciated by this younger generation.

The competition between companies to captivate this age group has peeked tremendously past year, taking into account these relatively young people are fast to leave when a ‘better’ opportunity arises

The term ‘googlization’ is therefor mockingly used by the baby boomers: The generation that came before Millenials took over the workforce. Babyboomers tend to assume Millenials are not in touch with the reality of what companies are actually able to offer them, and in some cases they are right.

There’s a fine balance between a playground as an office and depressing grey cubicles underneath TL lighting. For the baby boomers that are used to the old school 9 to 5 ‘work hard, and then work some more’ work ethics it can be a turn off to work at a company designed for millennials which tend to be noisy and chaotic: Where the young people thrive the old won't survive.

To get a head start over competition and retain both your Millenial and Babyboom members and employees, make sure all your lines of communication are open and focus on lasting trends like health instead of purchasing another ball pit. Take into account that if the workplace isn’t right people tend to go elsewhere instead of stating their concerns. Support wellbeing and healthy lifestyles with benefits like fitness centre memberships, childcare centres and a special place to pick up parcels so you are ahead of the game.


Applications used to increase productivity are becoming more popular by the minute. With technology like video calls, online synced calendar planning, and even integrating with a cloud-based access control product like SALTO KS to book (meeting) rooms in advance, meetings can be organized in an agile way: Reducing a lot of frustration.

Another upcoming trend is using sensors to measure capacity and productivity to personalize the space to the needs of the employees. Together with two yearly surveys that will be sent automatically to the workers, you may end up with room dividers in your open space plan to increase focus.

Using technology to automate your space means more flexibility and personalization, which will be highly appreciated among any group of people.

Environmentally friendly

The trend that goes a long way: Running an environment-friendly space. To control costs but also to attract and retain employees that want to be associated with an environment-friendly office and, of course, to give back to mother earth. By choosing an HQ close to most employee’s homes so people don't have to drive to work will take your environmental friendly reputation to the next level.

Adopt technology to help you run a fully environmental friendly space:

  • Use sensors to turn off lights or heating when spaces are not being used

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by making more use of videoconferences like Google hangouts so employees don't have to air travel

  • Internal communication must be electronic. No excuse

  • Schedule meeting rooms by integrating your management tool with SALTO KS

There’s a growing and valid pressure from society to make workplaces more environment-friendly, be sure to follow this trend to collect extra karma points.


All of the above contributes to the health of your employees. Embracing companies that will help you collect hard- and soft data from your space like happiness, health and many more details you can use to turn your office space into the best possible version of itself. Monitor your employee’s behaviour and habits. With this workplace analytics, you can adjust your office space accordingly. Some employees might feel the need to take a stroll in the office garden every hour or need a noise-cancelling headphone. Enable a work environment where people feel encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle and increase productivity and a positive atmosphere!


Embracing flexible workspace is a big trend that keeps evolving. Spaces, where collaboration is encouraged but also have room for deep focus, are high in demand. Choosing a corporate setting with break out spaces for collaboration or rooms for formal meetings are popular. Depending on your preferred kind of appearance the design of your space can be adjusted accordingly. A trendy open space designed tech office will attract millennials for example. If you are looking for more corporate audience go for the corporate setting. Always be aware of the need for flexibility among your employees. Even though the company is corporate some people will like the thought of working with flex desks. Offer variety, no person is the same: Each skillset deserves to have the proper environment to flourish!

The workplace is changing rapidly. It’s not just about the building it’s about enabling an experience where collaboration and creativity have room to expand.

Want to read more on creating a healthy work environment? Take a look at our previous blog post!


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