Posted on 26th of June, 2019

Top 5 coworking spaces in Amsterdam

You need to find some peace and quiet to work or a change of scenery to let the creative juices flow, right?

Coworking spaces are always a good idea! Coworking spaces are booming all around the world, including Amsterdam.

That’s why we made a top 5 of the most outstanding coworking spaces in Amsterdam, to help you pick the right one for you!

1. Regus

Regus is the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace solutions, with customers including some of the most successful entrepreneurs, individuals and multi-billion dollar corporations. It is ideal for larger companies that are looking for a more corporate environment, with opportunities to use multiple workspaces around the world. Currently, all new Regus business centres opening around the world are using the Regus access control app.

Several locations throughout the world:

2. Spaces

Spaces, born in Amsterdam acquired by Regus, has beautifully designed coworking spaces measured to your needs! Whether you need a cosy get-together nook, a large lunch table or a small phone booth, anything is possible at Spaces! It provides a less corporate, more hip working environment compared to its ‘big brother’ Regus. Just like Regus, Spaces is also a customer of SALTO KS.

Several locations in Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam and throughout the world:

3. TNW

‘A curated tech space in the centre of Amsterdam’. TNW has become the heart of the Amsterdam startup community. During the day you can find yourself working in the members only club, attending an interesting event and then drinks afterwards every Friday evening. TNW is all about helping your startup grow and focus on what’s important, by providing a productive workplace with a big international network.

Singel 542, Amsterdam:

4. The Thinking Hut

A true coworking space for the creative individuals! This old horse stable was built in 1912 and renovated in 2012 by a group of friends who decided they needed a place where they could work on their projects while meeting creative like minded people. The Thinking Hut was born. On your break, you can stroll through the lovely Oosterpark. A meeting room can be booked per hour, but if a day pass is more your thing: no problem! The Thinking hut is a very cosy creative coworking space where you most certainly will come up with a new life-changing idea!

Mauritskade 55c, Amsterdam:

5. Zoku’s social spaces

Zoku is the international living room of Amsterdam! What makes Zoku different from others is that it offers flexible home/office hybrid apartments in Amsterdam with communal working areas. They have an impeccably designed space on the top floor of a hotel. It feels light and warm. When it’s a summer day you can sit in one of the glass houses on the roof terrace or hang in a hang mat to think your presentation over. Whether you sit in the living room, game room or at the large kitchen table everyone feels welcomed at Zoku!

Weesperstraat 105, Amsterdam:

Top 5 coworking paces in Amsterdam


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