Posted on 12th of November, 2019

Top 5 reasons why Coliving attracts senior renters

The Coliving movement is taking the world by storm: Particularly metropolitan areas in which rapid urbanization calls for tools to combat the shortage of affordable housing, reduce the number of commuters, and ultimately improve infrastructure.

As a result of this, Coliving spaces strive to be both progressive and innovative in their approach to these issues, consequently attracting a millennial audience who mirrors these objectives. Coliving communities, therefore, cater to the lifestyles and needs of this demographic by providing attractive amenities which include communal spaces, furnished rooms, and even pet-friendly housing.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that Coliving caters to wider demographics and their respective requirements, one of which are senior citizens. Often referred to as senior Cohousing, this form of Coliving comes with its own perks and facilities.

In this post, we shed light on senior Coliving and its housing benefits.

The following are the 5 main reasons why Coliving attracts senior renters:


While senior Coliving unites residents for a mutually beneficial environment, it also provides privacy and respect of individual space that is important for many senior citizens. Shared spaces such as communal kitchens and recreational gardens exist to benefit the entire community, however, private rooms and apartments are often available and prioritized for seniors. For those who wish to preserve their boundaries and personal space, Coliving provides the perfect solution while also preventing loneliness and isolation. Independence, however, does not only consist of privacy!

If freedom and flexibility are required, Coliving spaces such as Co-Wo-Li and Roam consist of a global network of private spaces that cater to all demographics ranging from nomads in their late 20s to early 70s!


A fundamental requirement for seniors in their search for housing is security. While this can often be masked in comfort and community, Coliving spaces go beyond basic needs by catering to both the health and financial challenges that may exist or be anticipated by its members. This is manifested in environmental sustainability, accessible design, and amenity packages which make this a secure housing choice.

Some of these age-friendly Cohousing communities are proactively developed to support ageing and co-care for its members. Furthermore, the policies adapt to the needs and circumstances of its members as they age. In other words: They extend a responsibility towards their members which can only be delivered by Coliving.


According to the Canadian Cohousing Network, seniors who opt for Cohousing live a minimum of ten years longer than if they chose traditional senior housing. This longevity is found to be a factor common to Coliving spaces and is supported by community life. For instance, if a member is not well, they will be checked on by other members of staff from the co-living residence. The supportive community and useful amenities have been found to make seniors happier and in better health. In other words: An overall positive impact on their well-being!


Finally, an important aspect of Coliving is the financial accessibility and support provided to members. For urban areas, in particular, the cost of housing for seniors can be fundamental in deciding the quality of life. Coliving allows for the sharing of resources which ultimately saves money. Nursing homes and assisted living are significantly more expensive and sometimes lack the benefits that cater to the emotional and mental health of its members, contributing to the overall experience that only Coliving can provide.


Coliving spaces are known for their highly desirable, and sometimes luxurious, amenities that are provided to all its members. When it comes to senior Coliving, these amenities are extended to cover transportation, wellness, exercise, and healthcare. Shared spaces that are common to all Coliving spaces include recreational gardens and laundry areas, and sometimes they can even include kitchens, guest facilities, a lounge, library and TV room!

One of the most attractive aspects of Coliving amenities lies in the customization and involvement of members in the design process. This implies that future residents have a say in their housing facilities and can be actively involved in the governance of the property even after moving in.

An important amenity often overlooked, is the incorporation of access control and management that provides both intuitive and easy to use technology. This comprises members, guests, cleaners, staff, etc. who may require access within the residences. Salto KS provides a solution for access control, improving both life and management within a Coliving space. Additionally, the Salto KS web app is flexible, which allows it to adapt to the needs of senior Coliving.

Wondering how you can attract senior renters through an easily accessible and user-friendly experience? Read about our Coliving solutions here: We are happy to inform you about the possibilities!

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