Posted on 23rd of January, 2019

Top 5 trends in student housing

Student housing has changed a lot in the past few years. We are looking at a future where student’s requirements will continue to change at a rapid pace, as the technology behind Purpose Built Student Accommodation is getting smarter every year.

We present you the top 5 trends in student housing to focus on in 2019 while working on the best housing experience for your students.


A high-quality student housing experience in 2019 includes smart technology. All students now days not only need to use their smartphones, tablets and laptops to socialize but more importantly: To study. Students need access to their online portals where they can find study specific assignments, grades and schedules. Therefore housing accommodations should be designed with efficient technology in mind. Free and fast Wi-Fi (25 MB per student per second at the lowest), automated Laundromats and keyless entries are just a glimpse of what a PBSA should offer nowadays. From a student’s perspective, all spaces in a student housing accommodation whether it’s a shared space or a private dorm room should be smart. An access control solution like SALTO KS can help to make your accommodation as efficient and smooth as possible by providing the utmost convenience and security to your students.

Going green

Students of today and tomorrow are most likely raised with sustainability in mind. Therefore a student housing accommodation that proves to be environmentally responsible is always ahead of the game. Sustainable certifications are not dull anymore; they have become an important selling point for all housing accommodations that want to be taken seriously. Student residences that promote well being and raise awareness are more likely to get picked by students and/or concerned parents. To create a sustainable student accommodation, LED lighting, green roofs and sustainable (interior) design is a good way to start out.


A big ‘trend’ is of course privacy, and it has been for a while. Although more PBSA's are getting rid of gender-specific dorm communities, we are happy to inform you the classical dorm room where you share a room with five other students is no longer. More and more student accommodations are equipped with a suite layout that hosts’ two students that share one bathroom instead of the communal bathroom down the hall. Because younger students seem to care less about privacy then older graduates it is easier to divide the students amongst different types of rooms, fulfilling accommodation needs for every type of student.


Moving from the parental home into a purpose-built accommodation can be a bit overwhelming. For the students, but also for their parents. To know the students are in good hands with the residential assistants that are available on- and off campus gives both parties peace of mind. Make sure you have student paraprofessionals on your premises that are welcoming and easy to talk to. One of the biggest put off is when campus staff is rude, unwelcoming and slow to react. Agile procedures that deal with requests and issues are a pro when choosing an accommodation to live in while going off to college. Make sure you have an annual review with your on- and off campus staff to be sure of student satisfaction.


Last but certainly not least: Housing. All of the above trends are of the utmost importance for a purpose-built student housing accommodation, but only if the core of the accommodation has just the right environment balance between learning and living. An accommodation that is in line with the campus identity enabling students to socialize, feel at home and focused studying is setting itself up for success. Make sure your utility bills are included in the rent, which is important for students who cant permit themselves getting unforeseen extra bills.

Enable a high-quality housing experience for your students by equipping your Purpose Built Student Accommodation with the latest cloud-based access control technology.

Contact us, we are happy to provide you with the information you need to take your accommodation to the next level.


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