Posted on 28th of April, 2021

Turn workspace flexibility into scalability with our integration partner zapfloor

In this blog post, we give the floor to a KS Connect Partner who is no stranger to smart workspaces that revolutionize the experience of flexible working: zapfloor. With zapfloor, entire offices can be digitalized, giving employees access to a vast amount of functionalities. They offer an all-in-one solution for managing flexible workspaces, yet this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Zapfloor’s adaptive and intuitive workspace management solutions allow you to book facilities on the go, stay connected with your community, make use of cost accounting features, use flawless integrations with both hardware and software tech, and take advantage of powerful insights and analytics. The software is available as a web platform and as a mobile app.

We met up with CEO and Co-founder of zapfloor, Thomas Celen who started the company in 2015 with Co-founder and CTO Wouter Schoofs. Prior to zapfloor, Thomas worked as a Project Manager at IBM where he managed international software implementation projects. At zapfloor, he works closely together with their sales and marketing teams and manages partner and investor relations.

Co-founders of zapfloor: Wouter Schoofs and Thomas Celen

Read ahead to find out more about zapfloor including their most valued features, insights and experience in managing flexible spaces, and of course the integration with SALTO KS.

With your expertise, what do you feel is essential in workspace management and how does zapfloor accommodate these needs?

We feel that a deep understanding of how your spaces are being used is crucial to get the most value out of them. It only makes sense to have a system in place that helps you with exactly that. Zapfloor gives you insights into which spaces are being used, how they’re being used, when they are being used, for how long, and even by whom.

Furthermore, these insights are made completely actionable, as zapfloor offers all the tools you need to set up occupancy control, approval automations, and more.

What are the most valued features that zapfloor offers its users?

There are many features that make zapfloor stand out, such as our multi-location management, our many integrations, and our advanced API. However, the reason each of our customers choose for zapfloor varies depending on their needs. For this reason I would say the most valued feature is the customizability of zapfloor and its different modules that our customers can select.

Could you please explain in your own words, the integration of zapfloor with SALTO KS and its significance?

The integration with SALTO KS is of major importance for zapfloor. If you look at the value we can give our customers with the integration, going forward with it was and is still a no-brainer. We can proudly say that we probably have the most advanced integration out there with the SALTO KS API. It gives users access to things like digital keys and pin codes, to the full API integration for offices, meeting rooms, and desks; all, with so many different variations possible.

We recently also integrated ProAccess Space which means that building owners who use both ProAccess space and SALTO KS can now combine the access management in zapfloor.

You recently implemented a new feature that allows users to change access rights in multiple Sites at once. Can you describe a specific use case that is perfect for this feature?

Yes. Multi-site access makes it possible for multiple parties to have control over the same locks. There are many cases, especially when it comes to serviced offices, where multiple companies are able to manage the same doors (for example, the main door and/or elevators). This can restrict flexibility in giving access to externals or visitors to these doors. This new feature solves all of that.

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If you look at the value we can give our customers with the integration, going forward with it was and is still a no-brainer. We can proudly say that we probably have the most advanced integration out there with the SALTO KS API.
Thomas Celen CEO and Co-founder of Zapfloor

Due to the pandemic, we spend more time than usual inside our homes. How is zapfloor responding to this change?

At zapfloor, we noticed the same thing. Unfortunately, all of our colleagues are also working from home. On a brighter note, people are getting vaccinated and we can see a light at the end of the tunnel. As founders, we’re trying to support our team as much as possible. We know these changes aren’t always easy. We have parents in the team that, next to their household, also have their loved ones to take care of. That takes energy.

We are also doing our utmost to support our customers as much as we can. We realise that for them especially, Covid has had a major impact. Next to building extra features in our platform, we also started offering value in the form of content catered to surviving and even growing amidst the pandemic, and giving practical tips to help prepare for a post-Covid world.

How can serviced office spaces, coworking spaces and corporates benefit from zapfloor in light of the pandemic?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we started looking at how we can help our customers during but also after the pandemic.

For example, we developed a way for companies to designate user roles and teams inside of zapfloor. HR or management is then able to set up booking capabilities and working schedules based on those roles. That way you can fully automate your approval flows. In cases where working at the office needs to be regulated even more strictly, you can require manager approval for each booking, ensuring employees only return when there is a legitimate reason.

We are also preparing our customers for a post-pandemic life. One way we’re doing that is by ensuring serviced offices and coworking spaces can easily collaborate with corporates. We expect to see a rising demand for satellite offices in the near future for corporate environments.

Can you share a valuable insight about zapfloor that is not known to many, but should be in your eyes?

You asked before for the best feature of zapfloor. And to be honest, I could probably keep on rambling about how great our product is, biased as I might be. However, the best and most valuable insight about zapfloor lies in how smoothly everything comes together. And I’m not even talking about the product here. With every customer we have, we work together not just as a vendor-customer relationship, but as partners.

We love to think together with our customers, on a strategic point of view as well as on a technical one. Coming up with strategies and opportunities for them to grow and strengthen their position in the market. There’s a reason why we refer to our customer support as trusted guides.

What would you like to see for the future of this integration with SALTO KS?

Many more great collaborations together! We’d love to keep working on our integration, making sure we can confidently say we offer the highest quality integration possible.

Thank you, Thomas and the rest of the zapfloor team, for sharing your views on adding value to workspaces, guiding customers to turn flexibility into scalability.

As discussed by Thomas above, 2020 has changed the way we think about remote working. Working from home has many benefits but brings with it a decline in office occupancy. As a result, there is significant potential for corporates to reinvent the way they utilize their office spaces. Want to find out how you can turn your empty offices into a revenue stream? Join our very own Christian Schmitz and Alexander Rosforff on Thursday, May 20th, for an exclusive webinar hosted by zapfloor: 'Corporates opening up their office: An untapped revenue stream'. Be a part of the inspiration session by registering here!

For more on zapfloor, you can visit their website here, read their blog, and learn more about their integrations.

If you want to learn more about our KS Connect partners, explore our integration page. To read more about SALTO KS, click here or follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn for the latest product features, team updates and news from the industry.

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