Posted on 21st of May, 2019

We just got ISO certified!

Nailed it: We are happy and proud to inform you that Clay Solutions (the team behind SALTO KS) got ISO certified! After seven months of hard work from the team in collaboration with our interim Security Officer Edwin we got awarded the ISO 27001 certification.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the ISO 27001: This is an international standard that describes how to manage information security and the corresponding requirements to prevent security breaches. When these requirements are met by successfully completing the audit, a company gets ISO 27001 certified. This certificate is a confirmation of running a business that has a permanent focus on information security. This means all sensitive information is stored safely. To reach this goal we needed to reconsider all internal and external procedures, from suppliers to passwords and examine them with an even more critical eye.

Over the past seven months we’ve determined the potential hazards that could get in the way of protecting important information of the company and its customers. We defined which measures we had to take to prevent security breaches and ensure the utmost confidentiality. Where larger organizations have a more narrow scope because they chose to have just one product line or service certified, Clay decided to have a broader scope and go beyond the security of its office, since it’s is a relatively small organization with a specific service.

Being ISO certified for Clay means that any access control system equipped with a SALTO lock connected to the SALTO KS software is in line with the ISO 27001 requirements.

The main benefits that contribute to a healthy and secure company policy:

  • Increased business resilience

  • Alignment with customer requirements

  • Improved management processes and integration with corporate risk strategies

  • Increased reliability and security of systems and information

  • Improved customer and business partner confidence

The access control policy states the rules for accessing systems, equipment, facilities and information. These rules are set up to present a clear overview of which user can access which network and/or services. Access to all systems is in line with the Access Control Policy, this means the access is protected with secure log-on procedures and access to the source code is highly secured.

Software tools that have access to (sensitive) information are restricted to system administrators and can only be accessed under the supervision and certain (rare) situations. Users have to register in our information system and can access certain areas depending on the level of privilege. The rules stated in the IT Security Policy define how the users keep their authentication information confidential.

By achieving the ISO 27001 certification we reduced the risks of an information security breach. The ISMS framework ensures proper risk management and has been set up for the development, maintenance, management and hosting of cloud-based smart lock solutions on behalf of parent company Salto Systems and their customers.

Having met this important ISO 27001 standard we feel we’ve taken yet another big step forward and are ready to proceed with our journey in providing world-class access control. We’ll continue to be certified every year so we continually ensure the level of security that’s expected of us.

The ISO 27001 is published by the International Standardization Organization (ISO) and is the most popular information security standard worldwide.

Curious about what SALTO KS can do? Contact us, we are happy to (securely) inform you about how you can integrate smart locks into your business.


SALTO KS provides a flexible access control management system that requires no software installation or the added expense of a fully-wired electronic product. Modern cloud-based, wireless access control system is easy and simple to use for businesses including Coworking Spaces, Coliving Buildings, Purpose Built Student Accommodation, Retail, Multi-Tenant Housing, Gyms and many more. Our best in class wireless access control solution and smart locks guarantee the efficiency for your business. Integrate smart locks, start easily managing wireless access control now!

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