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The team behind SALTO KS is a tight-knit family of technology lovers and innovative thinkers.

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We work on granting easy access in a more logical, user-friendly way for businesses around the world. We are proud of building a platform and products we believe in. We work hard, play hard. We are honest, love a good joke and don’t take things personally. New ideas are very welcome. Always

For you to feel your best, doing your best work

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Global impact

Industry leaders build solutions using our platform. With our international team, you’ll work on innovative technologies that define the future of access control.

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Learning & development

We're growing fast, and we support your growth within SALTO KS. Develop and advance your career through trainings, conferences, coaching and more.

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Since we’re asking a lot - we’re offering a lot. Flexible hours, infamous ski trips, BBQs and other awesome events with families and friends.

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Learning & development

A vibrant office located in the center of Amsterdam. Standing desks, premium coffee, fresh fruit, Friday beers, pool table, foosball, and well lots of Dutch cheese!

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We want to work with the best Bricks - meaning they can come from anywhere around the world. We support expats with housing, getting a visa and settling.

The Brick culture

The strength of a company depends on its people. That's why we call SALTO KS’s employees ‘Bricks’. Bricks are strong, long-lasting and together form a durable structure. Together we form the solid house that is SALTO KS. The Bricks are the curious, creative, innovative and passionate people of SALTO KS.

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My favourite thing about this company is its people. Working alongside these extraordinary individuals, who are always ready to help and who bring so many cool ideas to the table, inspires me to achieve more.


Back-end Flower


Working at SALTO KS allows you to think big and broaden your horizons. Whether it is related to the product or technology. SALTO KS always throws at you many challenging tasks and in turn brings the best in You. Best part of SALTO KS is its collegial environment.


QA Engineer


It's a pleasure to work and be part of high quality team, especially I enjoy long in-depth discussions about new technologies and software architecture approaches.


Software Developer


In this team everyone has a voice. We’re encouraged to speak up, come up with new ideas and take intelligent risks. I feel empowered and I’m proud to be serving industry leaders around the globe with a team of rockstars.


Marketing Manager


At SALTO KS we have redefined the concept of the lock. Technology is key to us and our product, as are quality, security, speed and agility. We have fully embraced the fact that writing high-quality software is faster and cheaper to build - allowing us to stay agile while not compromising on quality and security.


Embedded Software Engineer


If I had to describe working at SALTO KS with one word, it would be ‘empowering’. You get to have full ownership of your tasks and this inspires you to be the best professional you can be.




It is great to work in a flat hierarchy and different disciplines. Being a DevOps engineer, I have supported mobile, front-end, back-end, and operations. The learning curve was steep but worth it. It has enriched me as a professional and everyone is always ready to crack open a chilled one.


DevOps Engineer

Clay office

How we work

Global movements are created by united teams that work hard, think smart, and move at a fast pace. As an agile team with a growth mindset, we work with structured methods. We use hundreds of post-its a week, and always look for ways to improve our products. Our flow goes something like this, slightly changing from team to team:

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How we work

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How we play

Careers videos 8 How we work


Join us and do work that matters.

And help us win the battle against mechanical keys!