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Smart locks for coworking


Streamline your operations and scale globally with KS.

Access management is different for every business. Whether you're a coworking space with a single location or a larger coworking brand with many locations, SALTO KS is your cloud-based access control solution.

We serve many coworking spaces and have learned a lot about how you run your business. So let's simplify your operations, connect to your existing management tools and grow your coworking community.

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Access, precise(ly)

For every company, staff member or guest, access can be determined down to the minute. Make sure people can only enter where and when they should - you have the freedom to decide!

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Automate and monetize

Enjoy granting easy access and charging automatically for bookings in your space with KS integrations.

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24/7 activity insights

With KS, you can keep track of who goes where and when. You can even set notifications for specific events, so you’re always up-to-date. Your space can be open for business 24/7.

KS Connect

Effective integrations

By connecting SALTO KS with your coworking space management tool, members can book rooms and get access for those rooms through the same app. During a booking by selecting a date, and a time frame members can receive their mobile keys for the date of their booking. Your staff can focus on what matters the most and provide the best member experience in your coworking space. Leave it to KS to unlock doors and show activity insights!

Some of our KS Connect Partners:

A scaleable solution

Helping you expand

With SALTO KS it’s easy to expand to a new room, floor or as many locations around the world as you wish. SALTO’s access control expertise and hardware quality allows working with any door in the world, however unusual the door may be. With a worldwide network of trained and certified installers, you’ll always have the support you need wherever you decide to expand.

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Unlocking with phone
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The automated meeting room access is awesome! The KS integration saves us a lot of time when setting up new users!
Balster van DuijnWheelhouse, Amsterdam

Ways to unlock

Tap and unlock with Mobile Key

With SALTO Bluetooth Low Energy locks you can unlock doors with Mobile Keys.

All you need to do is activate Mobile Key in your KS app and tap your phone on the reader of the lock. Users can receive Mobile Keys anytime and anywhere, making issuing and receiving access rights much easier and more flexible.

Open doors from any distance

Letting tenants in is now more convenient than ever. SALTO KS lets you open doors from anywhere, anytime. Whether it’s a visitor who arrived earlier than you or a new employee without a Tag. You can unlock doors for your guests via remote opening functionality from anywhere around the world. All you need to do is swipe left!

The smart mechanical key

Tags represent the user’s physical credentials to a lock. Every valid tag can lock and unlock. Tags are highly secured, by using a password and encrypted proximity fobs. Tags are convenient to open the door in case you don’t have your phone on you all day. It’s also a nice way to welcome a new tenant. In case a Tag gets lost you avoid wasting time and money on replacing the lock on the specific door. Simply block the Tag and hand out a new one!

Access with PIN

With the new SALTO PIN locks, there is no need to carry any Tags. Just enter your pin code via the keypad to unlock, or generate and assign a secure and authentic pin code for your guests to grant them entrance.
This keyless entry provides a high level of enhanced security as well as convenience.

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