Security at SALTO KS

Building trust and confidence, data security, as well as security of the locking hardware is critical to everything we do at SALTO KS.

Secure unlocking

We use industry best practices to keep you and your users safe. Find out how our hardware and software communicate by hovering-over the below elements:

Infrastructure & Operations

At SALTO KS infrastructure gets updated and is maintained continuously. This results in a very low percentage of downtime. We secure our unassembled and reliable infrastructure by high-end security practices that consist of multiple security layers.

Transparency & Privacy

We have policies and management functions in check to protect your data against unauthorized access. This is our responsibility, not yours.

Compliance certifications

SALTO KS is able to help you reach your regulatory and policy goals by taking actions to achieve security, privacy and compliance. These actions are continuously being monitored by independent organization

SALTO KS Security Features

Here’s a look at some of our most significant and highly requested security features.

Password policy controls

SSL (Secure socket layers)

Data encryption in transit and at rest

Granular app management

Support for Data Loss Prevention

More coming soon

Availability & Continuity

SALTO KS is hosted by Azure. Azure provides high availability and network performance while being responsible for ensuring the removal of data.


How is SALTO KS ensuring our app will always work no matter what happens to the cloud’s infrastructure?

Pen-testing & reliability

We use external specialist security consulting firms to complete penetration tests on our products and infrastructure

We do not believe in security by obscurity but in security by architecture

We value your judgment. Any questions, vulnerabilities or additions regarding security at SALTO KS are very much appreciated at

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