We’ve made it! It’s 2021.

Besides a global pandemic, it has been quite a year: in 2020 we said goodbye to some key-Bricks, welcomed new ones to the team, expanded our product range, and pushed the boundaries of access control even further than before.

New and old readers of the blog and social media have seen memories being made, milestones met and got to know some new faces.

To make it easy on you we compressed 2020 into this recap. 

Happy scrolling!

From building an entirely new office from the ground up to vacating the same office, an office opening party to a lockdown… no matter what went on, we’ve got some good memories we carry with us that got us through the year!

Have a look at the timeline we drew up, with a select few 2020 events to give you a preview of what’s to come!

We moved!

In February, we officially moved to the brand new office! This spacious place in Amsterdam Nieuw-West is 5 minutes away from the glorious Vondelpark and almost double our old office size. (That means that there is plenty of room for our pool table and beer fridge.)

“Managing the office move has been both the scariest and most exciting project of my career so far. We have realized how important it is to have a working space that not only breeds creativity and hard work but also lends itself for employees to interact as friends. Roll on 2020!”

- Wilma Georgeson, Office Manager at SALTO KS

Best of Product and Projects

2020 has been a year full of surprises, for us, for our clients, and for the rest of the world. We are proud to say that, even in these vague times, we've kept our growth, while making sure to support our clients in any condition.
Cem AkcaliProduct Manager at SALTO KS

Mobile App Releases

Piece by piece, we are bringing the SALTO KS Web App functionalities to our iOS and Android apps. Explore the latest improvements here! 


Enable and empower tenants to manage their own space and alleviate the building manager. 

SALTO Neo Cylinder

SALTO’s latest smart cylinder compatible with SALTO KS cloud technology.

Streaming API

Fetch data in real-time from the Connect and Core API for direct insights into property and door usage.

SALTO XS4 Locker Lock

Add smart access technology to locker rooms!

100,000 locks milestone!

This year we celebrated SALTO KS surpassing 100,000 access points!

We hung out

“You’re on mute” was the most used phrase of the year and dropping on and off calls became a new normal which we decided to make the most of.

This included filters, backgrounds, pyjamas for pants, special guest appearances, echoes, cats, dogs, more cats, mail delivery people, books for laptop stands and plenty of house tours... 

Here is a selection of memorable moments! 

  • 👻 Kalin’s scarily strong filter game 

  • 🥂 Cem’s ability to raise a toast via video call 

  • 🥁 Rudy’s drum solo in-between (and during) calls  

  • 🎸 Milan’s serenading of his team 

  • 👤 Christian’s hologram 

  • 🧻 Simon’s toilet paper hoarding 

  • 💯 Arna’s high-five skills 

  • 🎄 Suha’s festive background for the Christmas quiz

We introduced the monthly SALTO KS Newsletter

In 2020, we were more inspired than ever to stay connected in any way, shape or form. This led to the introduction of a new endeavour: The Monthly SALTO KS Newsletter. 

Our aim with this channel is to keep you updated and informed with valuable content that is handpicked, especially for the KS network like product updates, industry news, partnership announcements and much more.

If you haven’t subscribed yet we recommend reading this article where we’ve put together 5 reasons why you should (no pressure). Click here to join the key-free revolution via the banner at the top! 

A new technology partnership

We are very proud we had the opportunity of announcing a  technology partnership with Co-Liv in 2020 with our very own Christian Schmitz as Tech Lead! SALTO Systems and Co-Liv have collaborated many times over the years, hosting meetups to connect Coliving professionals from various industries and provide knowledge on how the Coliving Industry can benefit from SALTO’s access control solutions.

More information on the partnership can be found here. Want to go behind the scenes with Christian? Click here

True colors

Like the timeless Cyndi Lauper song, our Slack channel gave rise to some classics showing our Bricks true colours. We got to know our colleagues more than the healthy amount some would say and here are the receipts…

Integrations Partners: Expanding our partner network

In 2020, we introduced several new integration partners to the KS Connect partner network. We would like to take this opportunity to thank: Office App, Spaceflow, TABHOTEL, Basecamp, 3RPMS, Office Blueprint, and all other partners for helping us provide the SALTO KS users with the best experience possible, adding numerous features to our solution.

2020 was a difficult year for the market, but it also proved the resiliency and flexibility of our partners, adapting to new challenges and stepping forward to ensure the safety of prop-tech users around the world. SALTO is proud to be part of this movement, together with all its partners
Alexander RosdorffKS Connect Partner Manager at SALTO KS

‘Work From Home’ Highlights

The Bricks have spoken in the survey that gets sent out before the making of the recap and these WFH confessions, tips and highlights made the cut! 

The top 3 WFH guilty pleasures are:

  • 👖 The classic: pyjamas for pants 

  • 🧟 Using the blur feature to block video bombs!

  • 🍿 Snacking all day every day 

Honourable mention: Playing Psytrance full blast guilt-free!

Inquiry to Installation: We got you covered!

Is your door next? We broke down all the steps required to get started with SALTO KS smart locks and installation in a comprehensive guide made just for you.

Introducing the WFH Furry Friends!🐾

Without a doubt, it was the best year for the pets of the Bricks who got to have their best friends with them all year round! From crashing their meetings to providing companionship on those lunch break walks, this Recap wouldn’t be complete without introducing you to our (new) furry friends.

Dina and Buddie; Maly, Elsie, and Zym; Bob; Zara; Theo; and Vulco!

The best of Slack

From wallpapers to pets to children running around, ignored new hair colours to surprise concerts. Needless to say, the team that is responsible for opening many doors conquered Slack in 2020. 

Some of our favourites:

It's all in the merch

If an international Business Unit doesn’t get in a car with all the same branded sweaters can you even call it ‘merch’? From Øresund bridge which connects Sweden and Denmark to Prince Edward Island in Canada, the SALTO KS limited edition merch was shown off in style!

Spotlight on a B(Rick)

Apart from a global pandemic, there was another big change in 2020. The original Brick, Rick Voogt, who started this whole key-free adventure was about to close the door on us (pun intended). 

For years and years ‘Spotlight on a Brick’ has been the highlight of every ‘Townhall’ (company-wide meeting). We used this occasion to put our founder in the hot seat. 

Our very own No. 1 Brick found himself in the spotlight and shared the origin of Clay Solutions, how he developed the product and his vision for his future.

One myth remains to be busted: does the name ‘Brick’ come from ‘Be Rick’?

Now we will never know…

New Bricks on the block!

This year we welcomed a staggering 16 new Bricks to our team!

As you can imagine, their start to #becomeabrick wasn’t conventional, yet they made the most of every moment and surpassed every barrier.

Despite the global pandemic, we were lucky enough to continue with the hiring plans we had set out for the year. Growing the team in the midst of a pandemic meant paying even more attention to finding the perfect team fit.
Agnese RossiRecruiter at SALTO KS and winner of the best hair award

Wilma’s office care packages

Our Office Manager Wilma didn’t let a global pandemic limit her to the four walls of an empty office nor stop her from keeping up the company spirits! During the months of social distancing and restrictions, she planned countless events, activities, and surprises for the Bricks to help us feel connected while staying safe.

She made sure that the Bricks were ready for summer, sending everyone sunscreen, pool floaties, and sustainable straws to help us get through the hotter months. When it was time for Autumn, we were sent Halloween goodies and an on-the-go coffee mug. She even organized Christmas sweaters for the holidays. 

However, our favourite memory would have to be the Work From Home Bingo Challenge!

Customer Stories Highlights

We are at our proudest when we get to showcase the key-free journey of our customers in the form of customer stories. Here are a few testimonials from 2020 we want to share with you:

The Brick Awards

“And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, we hereby present the annual Brick Awards, 2020 edition!

As is tradition, we conducted a company-wide poll to determine the Kings and Queens who reign their respective territories.

Follow the emoji map below to discover each award and its recipients. Without further ado:

2020 Move over!

It’s time for a new year. Even a global pandemic couldn’t stop us. 2021 is going to be a great adventure in which we will be more grateful than ever. We get to work from home, we are safe and sound and thriving together. 

To sign off, we hand over to Managing Director Bart, who stepped into his new role in 2020 and has kept our spirits steady through it all:

It makes me proud to see that the work culture we have built over the last years has proven to be a reliable and strong framework for all of us, even when we're distanced. I look forward to 2021, and as an access control company, we see more than enough opportunities where we continue to make people's lives easier!
Bart KlaverManaging Director at SALTO KS

Just like 2020 this recap has come to an end. We can’t wait to jump into a new chapter with you like Lennart 👇!

Our annual (pre-covid) Wintersports trip

Oh, we almost forgot! In the first week of March, before we were made aware of the fate that would fall upon us, our team was lucky enough to experience our annual Wintersports trip in Kaprun, Austria. Needless to say, it was magical and we made some memories we held onto over the following months.

So before we conclude our Recap of 2020 (for real this time), we wanted to leave you with a few snapshots from the weekend:

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