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The 5 best podcasts for Coliving

In celebration of #InternationalPodcastDay 2019 on September 30th, we have compiled a list of five podcasts that engage with Coliving news, organizations, innovations, experts, and advocates. This day is dedicated to celebrating the power of podcasts and to promote networking within the industry including podcast hosts, listeners, enthusiasts, leaders, and newcomers. The landscape of podcasts […]

How 2020 has changed Coworking and remote work forever

Over the past few months, we have seen the impact of the pandemic across several industries all over the world. Businesses have been gravely affected, communities have been strengthened, and initiatives have been taken in response to these changes. In April, we looked into the Coliving industry; the positive response to the crisis and the […]

5 niche Coliving spaces to look out for

As Coliving continues to push boundaries, the interest for niche spaces and values within the industry has increased. Coming up with innovative coliving concepts not only helps one gain a foothold in the market, but also provides opportunities to stimulate creativity, solve social problems, and simply bring together like-minded individuals.This is why we have compiled […]

How COVID-19 has strengthened the Coliving community

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Coliving chains and spaces have increasingly been in the news. While the impact of the circumstances on the industry is apparent, the primary reason is, in fact, the flexibility, creative solutions, and value they provide during this time. The following points highlight ways in which Coliving spaces are […]