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You're in good company. Thousands of businesses choose to manage access for their businesses worldwide.

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Medici Living Group / Quarters

Coliving, NY
Medici Living Group: Develops, innovates and digitalizes real estate living concepts worldwide.
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Blue Water App

Maritime, Europe
Blue Water App: The fast and simple way to book your berth with KS
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coworking, Global
Regus & SPACES centers scale globally with KS Core
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Security, Spain
KS Custom: Extend your portfolio and maximize ROI
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Shared Spaces, Palm Beach County
With SALTO KS we turned our meeting rooms into a home for many
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Zoe bar

Retail, Hamburg
SALTO KS: The iPhone of access control
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EDEKA Durasin

Retail, Germany
This independent retailer took charge over their security
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Retail, Belgium
Managing access control for 23 offices all from one place with SALTO KS
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Caffe Mundi

Retail, Antwerp
Raising the coffeeshop bar to a higher level for suppliers & employees
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Retail, Gent
SALTO KS: A flexible and unique access control system
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Maurice Verbaet Center

Small business, Antwerp
With SALTO KS we are assured our valuable art is safe
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The Wheelhouse

Shared Spaces, Amsterdam
The automated meeting room access is awesome!
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Alpha Phi

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
How the Alpha Phi sorority provides security for it’s members, a customer story
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