SALTO KS: A flexible and unique access control system

Read how Sleepworld in Belgium found the perfect electronic access control solution for their eleven locations.

The business

Sleepworld knows best what you need to get a good night sleep! Sleepworld has eleven locations spread throughout Belgium. Their expertise shows in their wide range of products that help the customer to get a good night sleep. The locations are being monitored from the headquarters in Gent where they use SALTO KS since March 2015.

Inside of an office with SaltoKS Locks

The issue

Early 2015 Tita Dupont, responsible for the shop arrangements, decided mechanical keys are a thing of the past. A lot of her time went into planning and organizing key management. “Every location has a permanent manager and a couple of sales employees that rotate. In order to access the several locations, every sales employee-owned several mechanical keys, but when a sales employee called in sick a colleague needed to rush over to give another set of keys. This took up a lot of our time”

The solution

To avoid this time consuming problem of distributing keys Tita Dupont searched for an access control system that allowed remote access management and found SALTO KS. SALTO KS helps Sleepworld to:

  • Provide access on the go: No more driving around with a set of keys when a sales employee calls in sick.
  • Set up access groups: Sleepworld works with sales employees on an interim based contract. Setting up Access groups is a helpful tool to divide the different types of employees. “We can set up special access groups for the interim employees with the specific timeframe that is stated in their contract”.
  • View events: We wanted to purchase a tool that could show us whether the locations are opened on time and if all the employees are at the right location. With SALTO KS we can view the events and exactly see who entered which location and on what time.

Sleepworld currently manages a total of 75 users and 32 doors.

Mobile Key Demo Mobile Key Demo

Main benefits of implementing SALTO KS for Sleepworld:

  • Use only one tag for multiple buildings
  • Providing access on the go (opening doors remotely)
  • Divide employees with different contracts into customized access groups
  • Saves a lot of time

SALTO KS: A flexible and unique access control system 1
“No more driving around with a set of mechanical keys, what a relieve!”
Sleepworld staff