EDEKA Durasin

Read how EDEKA Durasin in Hameln, Germany found the electronic access control solution for their business.

The business

EDEKA Durasin is an independent retailer of the EDEKA Group, one of the largest German supermarket corporations. In addition to its core market in Hanover, EDEKA Durasin recently opened a new store in Hameln. This was also the reason why they decided to look for a new and improved access control system.

The issue

The trouble with mechanical access control systems starts when keys get lost. Usually combined with expensive re-orders of locks and keys as well as waiting time, compromising security of the store. An electronic solution avoids these problems forever, because if a card or a key fob is lost, the credential can easily get blocked in the system.

EDEKA Durasin 1
“The key factor for us was greater security compared to mechanical locking systems, especially in the event of key loss."
Jan Kruse, Technical service provider
Inside of an office with SaltoKS Locks

The solution

EDEKA Durasin needed a wireless electronic access control system that allowed real-time and remote access management as well as easy installation.

Jan Kruse (Technical service provider of EDEKA Durasin) decided in favour of the mobile real-time access solution SALTO KS Keys as a Service (formerly Clay by SALTO) since it fulfilled all his requirements, such as:

  • The system should be easy to manage
  • Scalable to already existing markets
  • Possibility to combine with an alarm system
  • Mobile access management available
  • Ability to secure in case credentials get lost
  • Fine tuning of access rights
  • Tracking of door/lock events
EDEKA Durasin 1
“We wanted to be able to configure access authorizations very precisely, have an overview of the activities in the markets at all times and also be able to manage the system remotely”
Jan Kruse, Technical service provider

Noticeable improvement in security

The main requirement was remote access management. With the web interface and the mobile app, SALTO KS fulfils exactly this qualification: "We use the app primarily for status monitoring and terminating the office mode. This means that the doors will no longer be freely accessible" explains Jan Kruse, who is very positive about SALTO KS: "Thanks to the electronic locking plans, we can adapt access authorisations to changing requirements with ease. We are also able to limit the authorizations in terms of time, which noticeably improves security. In addition, if a tag is lost or stolen, we're at no risk, we simply block the tag immediately."

EDEKA Durasin currently manages a total of 30 users in the system with ease.

Inside of an office with SaltoKS Locks

Main benefits of implementing SALTO KS for EDEKA Durasin:

  • Easily scalable
  • Easy to use
  • High security standard
  • Limited time frames for access rights
  • Cloud based, thus no software installation needed
  • Quick overview on who accessed which doors at what time
  • Use from everywhere via mobile app or web interface
  • With “electronic locking plans” we can easily adjust to changing requirements
  • Instant blocking of tags reduces risks of lost keys immensely